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Hull Biofouling Potentially More Damaging to The Environment Than Ballast Water Transfer

The entry into force of the Ballast Water Convention this September will not prevent the transfer of invasive aquatic species (IAS) unless there is mandatory legislation in place to prevent biofouling on ships’ hulls.

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Ballast Water: Opportunities for Smaller Vessels

Alfa Laval’s ballast water treatment technology, which was submitted for USCG approval in March 2015, can now be used in smaller vessels.

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Major Dilemma for the Shipping Industry Regarding Ballast Water Management

The Round Table of International Shipping Organisations is deeply concerned if the international convention to regulate ships’ ballast water comes into force in the near future without a realistic implementation schedule that recognises the timetable for US type-approved Ballast Water Management Systems to be available in sufficient quantities.

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Ballast Water: A Decade Later, Alfa Laval PureBallast is Still at the Innovation Forefront

A decade has passed since Alfa Laval PureBallast first took to sea, yet the ballast water treatment system continues to stand for innovation.

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Ballast Water: Chiefs From IMO & UNDP Meet

Chiefs from IMO & UNDP meet, discussing projects to assist developing countries in implementing international regulations on ballast water.

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Ballast Water Management Technology Conference

       8-9 December 2014, The Congress Centre, London Essential ballast water management guidance to prepare shipowners for Convention enforcement. Shipowner perspective from Saga Shipholding, Canada Steamship Lines, Van Oord and German Shipowners’ association. Review 10 years of testing BWMS…

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Hyde Marine to Provide B-Box Ballast Water Treatment Service


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Global Industry Alliance: Partnerships for Change

PROJECT DESCRIPTION The overall objective of GloBallast Partnerships is to promote the development of global partnerships that will implement coordinated long-term measures to minimize the adverse impacts of aquatic invasive species transferred through ships’ ballast water in accordance with the…

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