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WISTA UK: Shipping Market Salary Trends – Where Do You Stand?

In shipping where you and your company stands is a key to retaining and attracting talent, along with choosing between new and current paths. WISTA UK is collaborating with Spinnaker Global to discuss the topic, “salary breakdown for both men and women within shore-based shipping jobs” at the WISTA UK event from 6 to 9 pm on 24 February.

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anti piracy

Piracy: The Face Of A Modern Pirate

Say the word pirate to anyone these days and many would automatically think of Captain Hook, arch nemesis of Peter Pan, or Johnny Depp donning the swaggers of Jack Sparrow swinging from ship masts brandishing a beautifully sculptured sword. These images are all well and good in the world of film and fantasy but in the real world, pirates do exist and their level of criminality is set on a more damaging and life threatening level.

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sperm whales

Sperm Whales – Why Are They Getting Lost?

Although it is a naturally occurring event, you’d be hard pressed not to be somewhat perplexed at the amount of reported whale strandings that have transpired since the beginning of 2016 in the United Kingdom and European shores. While an event of this nature is indeed mournful, it does leave us questioning how and why there seems to be a sudden surge of whales becoming marooned on our coasts.

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