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MITAGS-PMI Gap-Closing Training, STCW Manila

Linthicum Heights, Maryland-Glen Paine, Executive Director of MITAGS-PMI announced that the institute has published its STCW Gap-Closing Schedule, which goes through March 2017.

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Oil Spill: Containment, Recovery and Consequences

Oil spills are considered one of the major forms of pollution, which clearly says a lot about their effect on the environment, particularly on marine life. Oil tankers can spill crude oil, while vessels, vehicles and pipelines can release liquid…

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sea piracy

Sea Piracy: The Impact on Seafarers and Their Families

Modern-day pirates may not wear an eye patch or wave a sword in your face, but they are more real and more dangerous than any of the fictional characters we’ve grown to love as children. Nothing about the sea pirates of today is lovable. The only thing they invoke is fear, and to anyone who’s become their victim – post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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