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Mr. Neil Cooper Appointed By Thordon to Spearhead Growth

Neil, who officially started with the company on the 15th of April, joins Thordon Bearings following senior sales positions at Armstrong Fluid Technologies, Schneider Electric and ABB.

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Novenco X-Flow Water Mist System to be Retrofitted to Canada’s MCDV Fleet by Survitec

The Kingston-class of MCDVs, commissioned in the 1990s were designed with open case funnels which make the water mist system the ideal solution in this application.

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Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification And Climate Change

we are all in agreement that climate change does indeed see wildlife and their survivalist eco systems suffer, many forget about the shocking implications global warming has on our world’s rivers, streams, wetlands, and oceans.

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Youssef Fenianos, Minister of Public Works and Transport, Inaugurates East Med Maritime Conference EMMC 2019

The conference’s opening included speeches for the prestigious figures participating at the event, mainly for President of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghafar Ismail, President of World Maritime University WMU, Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, and Minister Fenianos.

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Climate Change: What Does It Mean For Marine Life?

Climate change has had a startling effect on the rising temperatures of the oceans. Scientists predict that water temperatures will hit 1.4 – 5.8◦c by the end of the century. This change in the weather and ocean temperature is having a fundamental effect on the marine life that depends on it.

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oil spill

International Oil Spill Response in a Changing World

Despite being a naturally occurring substance, oil spills can pose significant threats to environmental and socioeconomic resources.

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anti piracy

Piracy: The Face Of A Modern Pirate

Say the word pirate to anyone these days and many would automatically think of Captain Hook, arch nemesis of Peter Pan, or Johnny Depp donning the swaggers of Jack Sparrow swinging from ship masts brandishing a beautifully sculptured sword. These images are all well and good in the world of film and fantasy but in the real world, pirates do exist and their level of criminality is set on a more damaging and life threatening level.

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east-west trade lanes

Seawater pumps to Golar’s Gimi FLNG unit

27 May 2019 – Keppel Shipyard in Singapore has awarded Norwegian liquid handling and pump specialist PG Flow Solutions a contract to supply high flow seawater pumps to the Gimi FLNG that is being converted at the yard. PG Flow…

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The next milestone for the Becker LNG PowerPac® in the Port of Hamburg

The next important milestone in the development of the Becker LNG PowerPac® is the first operation of two prototypes units of the mobile shore power solution from Becker Marine Systems at HHLA’s container terminal Burchardkai in Hamburg. In attendance of…

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oil spill

A Different Kind of Oil Spill

The Gulf oil spill is not your average environmental worry. What makes this catastrophe unique is that it occurred at 5,000 feet under the water.

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BIO-UV Group, the pioneer in UV-based water treatment technologies, and Norwegian marine engineering and technical services provider TECO Tech have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at providing shipowners with a complete turnkey solution for the BIO-SEA advanced ballast water treatment…

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Aas Mek places contract for Sølvtrans vessel

5 June 2019 – Norwegian shipyard Aas Mekaniske Verksted has awarded Hydroniq Coolers a contract to deliver its energy-saving, hull-integrated seawater cooling system to a vessel the shipbuilder is constructing for wellboat company Sølvtrans.  Under the contract, Aalesund-based Hydroniq Coolers…

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Seawork – the largest European commercial marine exhibition held in Southampton, SO14 2AQ, UK

Seawork is a ‘one stop shop’ for buyers, providing access to the commercial marine and workboat markets. It is the largest European commercial marine exhibition held at the prestigious Mayflower Park venue in Southampton, SO14 2AQ, United Kingdom. For over…

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A new range of davits designed to increase safety and reduce corrosion of critical parts has been introduced to the market by safety solutions specialist Survitec Engineered with its European-based partner, a company with more than 20 years’ experience in…

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climate change

Climate Change: How it is Forcing Mass Fish Migration

New scientific research has found a strong correlation between the rising temperature of our seas and the astounding effect this is having on fish migration. In accordance with these new findings, it has become apparent that fish which normally thrive in the tropics are quickly migrating in an effort to discover cooler seas.

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oil spill

What are DESMI-AFTI Oil Herders?

DESMI-AFTI oil herders are liquid agents designed to contract, thicken, and control the spread of petroleum spills on water surfaces.

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