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Dye’s Dry Dock: Innovative Modular Floating System for Marine Repairs

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This drydock is environmentally pure when draped properly.  Air is pulled from work chamber with blowers, air is then pushed through air filter system and goes back to atmosphere.  The decks are sealed water tight, nothing gets into waterway, no air or water pollution.

Our unique way of keeping costs down is through the use of sealed expanded poly styrene floatation blocks that are submerged and carry the entire weight of the dry dock in order that the steel tanks of the dock be kept at a size only large enough to float the vessel that they’re required to lift.  This reduces overall price of dock, shipping, handling to a minimum.  Drydock can be installed in any waterway with a small crane.  All steel components are coated with an epoxy coating inside and out – no rust ever.  The floatation foam floating the entire weight of dock is coated with two coats of rubberized coating and sealed with shrink wrap bags – thus no water absorption into floatation blocks.  The coatings to all steel is the coating used on off shore drill platforms – which are hard to dry dock.  Dry dock never needs recoating.  This drydock is very easy to operate – all done using low pressure air to evacuate water in lift tanks.  Floatation foam supports entire weight and hardware, minus 10,000 – 20,000 lbs. in order to give drydock a negative buoyancy in order to be able to submerge drydock.

Floatation foam under connector beams that create work platforms located on top of all vertical stabilizing tanks supports drydock when submerging to accept vessel to be lifted thus you cannot sink drydock. Drydock can be outfitted with bilge keel blocks on tracks for stabilizing craft.  Lines from ships handrail to handrail on work platforms on top of stabilizer tanks (vertical) create support for tarping and rain shield.  This drydock can be installed on any waterway on our planet with transporting with conventional trucks and off loaded with small cranes.

I’m looking for a person or an investment group who wants to build a marketing company around this new product.  I have customers that want this drydock.  E.P.A. has stopped my efforts with their rules – “no new products in our waterway”.  Trump has recently appointed his man to head E.P.A. and change the rules.  This will open up the market.  The military is another large potential market when they learn the versatility of it.  The Coast Guard will want one or more in every port because of fast turn around for damaged boats – also any coasty can operate this drydock.

Drydock is well patented.  It should be a winner for some smart investor.  I’m able to teach, coach and control fabrication of first few docks, also will supply standing by market.  I am receiving calls on this product daily but don’t have the money or the time to pursue it.  I’ve spent all my retirement on developing this drydock.

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