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Waste Management Systems

Loipart Group: Waste Management Systems

The founders of A5 Marine Technologies AB have for many years been working with environmental development within the maritime and offshore sector with focus on ship-generated garbage and have as a forerunner earned a good reputation in the market when it comes to cost-effective, compliant solutions and environmental expertise.

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smart shipping

Smart Shipping: Demand for Training in the Use of Shipboard IT Technologies Increased

There might be a need to bring the smart concept in the shipping industry, but group CEO of Elektrans Group, Capt. Michael P Elwert, is quick to admit that the slow-paced training, or the lack thereof, is costing the industry a new generation of seafarers. When asked if the industry is doing enough to train tech savvy newcomers, during the UAE Maritime Leaders’ Summit, Elwert bluntly said no. “A pure, pure answer to your question is no, we are not doing it well…I think it is something we [the industry] have to recognize we don’t do very well.”

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smart shipping

Cost and Cybersecurity: Major Hurdles to Smart Shipping Success

Speaking to attendants of the UAE Maritime Leaders Seminar, which kicked off the Dubai Maritime Week, Coles voiced out his concern that the cost of real-time transfer essential to smart shipping is too expensive. Price of mobile satellite air-time has to come down to facilitate connectivity necessary to transfer large amounts of data from ship to shore in real-time. Otherwise, there will be no ‘smart’ in the shipping industry. If there is, it will be too costly to implement and maintain.

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Cybersecurity Threat in the High Seas? Inmarsat’s Security Solution to the Rescue

Inmarsat is set to roll out a Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution that was developed in partnership with Singtel and Trustwave. The cybersecurity solution has some amazing features, designed to address the growing number of cyber threats that know no boundaries.

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Polar Code Compliance

As More Ice-going Vessels Opt for the Hard coat, Ecospeed strengthens Polar Code Compliance

Subsea Industries has received an order for its specialist hull and rudder coatings for application to a shallow draught anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessel under construction at Turkey’s Atlas Shipyard.

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tank cleaning

Alfa Laval to meet the ETC tank cleaning notation, DNV GL Attests

After observing the design of tank cleaning solutions using Alfa Laval G-Pass simulation software, DNV GL has issued a unique statement confirming Alfa Laval’s ability to meet the ETC tank cleaning notation.

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Navigation radar

Navigation Radar SharpEye™ Will be Supplied to Singapore Navy by Kelvin Hughes

Kelvin Hughes, a world leader in the design and supply of navigation and security surveillance systems, is delighted to announce that it is supplying its SharpEye™ navigation radar for the Republic of Singapore Navy’s Littoral Mission Vessel (LMV) programme.

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emergency breathing

New Emergency Breathing System Designed for Helicopter Crews and Passengers.

HANSEN PROTECTION AS has now released its new approved emergency breathing system designed for helicopter crews and passengers.

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Fuel Saving

Opportunity For Innovation in Fuel Saving Technologies

How the EU Sulphur Directive for Marine Fuels offers an opportunity for innovation in fuel saving technologies

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Marine Generator

DBR Completes Major Marine Generator Set Order for Damen Shipyards

DBR has delivered the last units of a substantial order totalling 42 marine generator sets for Damen Shipyards Gorinchem.

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Pan Ocean

South Korean Bulker Operator Pan Ocean On Sale

Pan Ocean announced in a Korea Exchange filing on 30 September that the firm would choose a public bidding process to sell itself.

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marine jet power

Marine Jet Power: Introducing the all new MJP Hybrid

Marine Jet Power is proud to introduce a totally new product concept – optimized for high-speed applications and featuring a superior and well proven pump unit. The MJP Hybrid waterjet combines the very best characteristics of the revolutionary MJP DRB series with the highly respected MJP Ultrajet series.

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Miniature Navigation System

New Miniature Navigation Systems: Much More Accurate, Robust, and Versatile

New Miniature Navigation Systems: up to 0.2* Roll, Pitch and Heading

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New VDR System From Kelvin Hughes Boasts Many Innovative Features

New VDR System from Kelvin Hughes meets the new 2014 standards and boasts many innovative features.

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Marine Technologies

Planet Ocean Signs Partnering Agreement with ASV

Planet Ocean’s considerable experience with sensors, telemetry and asset tracking of all types will ensure that the capabilities of the C-Enduro vehicle are maximised.

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