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  • Achieve staggering click-through rate – average 1.35%*. *depends on particular story
  • Unique opportunity to have your say on Environmental news site with growing popularity. Influence the decision makers directly!
  • Raise brand awareness and promote your brand to custom audiences of any size, tailored to your needs (countries, gender, age, interests).
  • More chances to engage with potential clients.
  • Full statistics available after a campaign.

How it works

We do ‘native advertising’. We rewrite your standard press release into an interesting and unique story, publish it on our website (with your approval) and boost it through social channels. Then we share the statistics with you and update the audience for the next campaign.

We add ‘native’ links to your site or products to that story. We also add images of your products and link them to your website. Apart from that, the visitors will see contact details of your sales representative at the end of the article.

Once the boost is finished, the article stays on our site for free and will be read by all visitors who are interested in its subject.

Social Networks

At the moment we are using Facebook and Twitter, but will be adding Reddit and StumbleUpon very soon. Google + and LinkedIn will come on board on a later stage.

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