Home Guest posting guidelines

1. Guest post author must have a track record of writing good content

No spam – we Google author’s name to make sure they aren’t publishing any spammy content.
No spammy links – we check and make sure that the authors aren’t linking out in their bio or within the content to spammy websites. Expected content depth – about 800 words.

2. Outgoing links

A bio should only contain 1 or 2 links – either to the author’s website, Twitter handle, or their blog.
A blog post should contain a minimum of 4 links.

3. The content must be detailed and unique

The content needs to be at least 800 words with no fluff, detailed, unique and pass Copyscape.  We also won’t accept a blog post on a topic that has been overused.

4. Errors

We won’t accept posts with spelling or grammar mistakes.

5. Content ownership

We will fully own the content.  If a guest author wants to link to their guest post from their own site, that’s fine.


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