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TMS Tanker Conference highlights challenges ahead on the road to industry decarbonisation

The seventh annual The Maritime Standard Tanker Conference takes place on 16th November at the Atlantis, the Palm, Dubai. A stimulating and thought-provoking program is rapidly taking shape that reflects the extraordinary circumstances facing tanker shipping after two years of pandemic, and now unprecedented geo-political shockwaves. In addition, tanker operators face the
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Antifouling Technologies and Biofouling Control

The world’s oceans, teeming with life and mysteries, are also a battleground where maritime industries grapple with an age-old adversary: fouling. As ships and marine structures navigate through the vast blue expanse, they face the relentless growth of marine organisms on their surfaces. This article explores the world of antifouling technologies and biofouling
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Waste Management in the Maritime Sector

Introduction The maritime sector, a world of vast seas and boundless horizons, is not immune to the pressing global challenge of waste management. As the industry connects continents and nations, it also bears a significant responsibility towards the environment. This article explores the critical topic of waste management in the maritime sector, emphasising the need […]
Events News

Posidonia Masterclass in Shipping is now live A hands-on introduction to shipping delivered by the experts

Posidonia Exhibitions, organisers of Posidonia, the International Shipping Exhibition, is launching the Posidonia Masterclass in Shipping online course, available at www.PosidoniaMasterclass.com. The Posidonia Masterclass in Shipping, powered by Naftika Chronika, is an online educational platform that delivers a series of pre-recorded lectures, delivered by distinguished
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Palau International Ship Registry: Leading the Way in Green Shipping and Digital Innovation

Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) is at the forefront of promoting sustainable shipping(Green Shipping) practices and embracing digital innovations. Driven by an unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation, PISR has launched a number of projects and introduced incentives that underscore its role in advancing decarbonisation and efficient
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