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The Galapagos Oil Spill

/ 3 Comments / 20th February 2015

If you are noticing a pattern here, it’s that oil spills are contributing massively to the problems we currently face. Although a “mere” 150,000 gallons of Diesel was lost in Galapagos oil spill, it covered an incredibly 186 square miles of sea. It’s caused a significant problem in the ecosystem of the nearby islands that it spilled on, which are known for their incredibly rare species of plants and birds. All of this could be damaged – even lost completely – thanks to negligence with such a dangerous substance.

Eventually, the fears are that the spill will go down instead of out as it is being contained by barriers and nets. Once it sinks down to the bottom, it will start to kill off vital algae that are one of the most vital parts of the food chain.

It will affect the lives and chances of survival for more than just one species, and not just marine life either. The chain reaction of corporate negligence is weighing heavily upon the planet – and we need to do something about that before it becomes too late to make an active difference.

Whilst it’s being contained at the moment, the aftermath of what is being done to contain the spill could become even more problematic. It’s time that we started looking at the lack of solutions we have to such a pressing issue, and start finding ways to correct these problems and giving humanity a chance before it’s simply too late.