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Piracy: The Face Of A Modern Pirate

Say the word pirate to anyone these days and many would automatically think of Captain Hook, arch nemesis of Peter Pan, or Johnny Depp donning the swaggers of Jack Sparrow swinging from ship masts brandishing a beautifully sculptured sword. These images are all well and good in the world of film and fantasy but in the real world, pirates do exist and their level of criminality is set on a more damaging and life threatening level.

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Sea Piracy: The Impact on Seafarers and Their Families

Modern-day pirates may not wear an eye patch or wave a sword in your face, but they are more real and more dangerous than any of the fictional characters we’ve grown to love as children. Nothing about the sea pirates of today is lovable. The only thing they invoke is fear, and to anyone who’s become their victim – post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Anti Piracy: Seychelles – Paradise Under Attack by Pirates

By Lilly Black Seychelles has long had a reputation for being a honeymooner’s paradise. Beautiful beaches, palm trees, year round sunlight without the heat, erotic fruit; what more could a couple ask for to set the romantic mood? But recently…

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Panel Proposes New Jobs to Root Out Piracy

Piracy is the by-product of unemployment and disregard faced by entire generations of young men and women in Somalia, according to the founder of one Somali NGO.

1 Comment / 25th November 2014


Anti Piracy: Maritime Security Company Takes Action on New Threats

An international maritime security company is stepping up its services to combat piracy and maritime crime.

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Somalian Pirates

Somalian Pirates Release Indian Asphalt Venture seafarers

Seven Indian seafarers held hostage by Somalian pirates for more than four years have been released.

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Anti-Piracy: Shipping cuts piracy roots with learning centre Girija Shettar

A anti-piracy initiative has taken shape in Djibouti. Companies in the shipping sector to eliminate the foundations of piracy in the Horn of Africa.

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[Anti Piracy] US joines ReCAAP

The United States has become the 20th member of Singapore-based anti piracy body Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia (ReCAAP).

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Safety of Life At Sea: Neptune Provides Safe Port

An expert team from the Neptune Maritime Security head office and support centre performed exacting risk assessments before carrying out specialist training for security officers and senior personnel. The company delivered crisis management training to bolster ship safety at major ports in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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Neptune Security Company Receives Shipping’s Seal Of Approval

Neptune Maritime Security has achieved associate membership of BIMCO, one of the world’s largest shipping associations.

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