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Climate Change: Plastic to be Replaced By Paperboard to Reduce Climate Impact

Replacing plastic with a non-fossil material is a clear trend, not least in the packaging industry. Switching from fossil plastic to an alternative material such as paperboard reduces companies’ climate impact. Changing an established infrastructure takes time, though, especially if it means that the packaging must be redesigned, the packing equipment modified or replaced, and the distribution from manufacturer to consumer is affected.

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An Overview of the New Natural Gas Industry

Petroleum-based fuels are less appealing than they used to be. The environmental impact of these fuels is no longer as easily ignored as it once was.

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Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification And Climate Change

we are all in agreement that climate change does indeed see wildlife and their survivalist eco systems suffer, many forget about the shocking implications global warming has on our world’s rivers, streams, wetlands, and oceans.

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Climate Change and Rising Sea Levels

Global sea levels are rising, and this possible catastrophic reality can be attributed to two rather major factors, and with many people in the world living within coastal towns and communities, the impact of these rising sea levels cannot be ignored.

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Climate Change: How it is Forcing Mass Fish Migration

New scientific research has found a strong correlation between the rising temperature of our seas and the astounding effect this is having on fish migration. In accordance with these new findings, it has become apparent that fish which normally thrive in the tropics are quickly migrating in an effort to discover cooler seas.

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Climate Change: What Does It Mean For Marine Life?

Climate change has had a startling effect on the rising temperatures of the oceans. Scientists predict that water temperatures will hit 1.4 – 5.8◦c by the end of the century. This change in the weather and ocean temperature is having a fundamental effect on the marine life that depends on it.

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Global Warming: The Complete Briefing

Scarcely a day goes by without some claim or counterclaim in the climate change debate. Whether it is climate change skeptics claiming that the data is inaccurate, incomplete or simply biased, or environmentalists complaining about the powerful petrochemical lobby, the concerned reader is overwhelmed by the sheer mass of comment and accusations.

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Earth Under Fire: What is Causing Climate Change?

The consensus among the scientific community is that the greenhouse effect has been the leading cause of climate change.

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Pollution: The Push Towards Biofuels

As technology leads society towards the future, new methods of producing biofuels spring up regularly.

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Climate Change: Why We Need Glaciers

The Greenland glacier influences the cycles that help control the weather in the Northern hemisphere, which keeps most of Europe and North America warm.

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causes of global warming

Causes of Global Warming

The warmer temperatures occurring in the last 50 years are due to human activity. Global warming is happening and it can no longer be ignored.

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The Great Barrier Reef is in Peril

Marine experts say that due to the damage caused by humans, the great barrier reef has lost about half of its coral over the course of the past 30 years.

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The Fast-Warming Arctic & Its Inherent Dangers

Arctic Temperatures are on the rise across the world, according to various researchers invested in the experiment.

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Climate Change Threat Shown by Giant PH Storms

Greenpeace global chief Kumi Naidoo said increasingly violent storms hitting the Philippines showed the world had to act on climate change.

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Climate Change: Drastic Action needed to Avoid Catastrophe

The world’s top scientists have established and agreed that the warming is “unequivocal”, the impacts of climate change have already been felt.

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