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Q.  How can we help your company to achieve much higher ROI on advertising?
A.  We (CS) leverage our website’s authority and social media presence to create custom audiences for our clients.  These audiences are tailored to each client’s needs  – in both size and targeting. The size of the audience depends only on a client’s budget, the targeting is very precise and includes countries, age and positions of the decision makers, their areas of expertise, some keywords etc. The targeting is individual for every campaign and the audience is created using the data and feedback from clients (for example, a list of potential buyers of client’s products etc.)
The visitors then engage on our social channels, read the articles and click through to the client’s website or get in touch with the client directly.

Q. How does it work?
A. We do ‘native advertising’. We rewrite your standard press release into a story/article, publish it on our website (with your approval) and boost it through social channels. Then we share the statistics with you and update the audience for the next campaign.

Q. We have already tried placing banners on popular niche websites, but the results were unsatisfactory. Why is your offer better than others? 
The average click-through rate for native advertising is a staggering 1.35%
The visitors also frequently engage directly.

Q. What is a custom audience? Are these people fans of your Facebook page or your Twitter followers?
A. No, a custom audience is the one that is built for you, for your business.
The size of a custom audience depends only on your budget for this campaign. Our fans and followers  will also see your article and might engage, but they are not the main part of the custom audience.

Q. We are not sure if social media are the right channels for us to advertise.
A. There are 25 million business pages on Facebook only, millions of business accounts on Twitter etc.
There is simply no match to social networks for raising brand awareness, precise ad targeting and engaging/cultivating the future business prospects.

Q. What happens after the article is published and boosted?
A.  Once the boost is finished,  the article stays on our site for free and will be read by all visitors who are interested in its subject.

Q. How will the visitors contact us or our sales representative?
A. They will be reading the article which contains your banners, linked images and text links to your site. If they are interested, they will click through to your site.
They will see the contact details of your sales representative at the end of the article.
If you want us to include links to specific products, please provide the URL’s.

Q. Why can’t I just distribute my press release using the PR distribution services?
A. You can, but the PR distributors will just re-post the same standard PR to several news aggregators. There will be no unique content and no value for search engines.
There is no targeting in this at all. If you use our services, apart from highly targeted campaign, you will get a piece of unique content with higher search value published on an authority site and your own website will benefit from this.

Q. We’re still not sure……
A. We can give you a £25 trial run which includes rewriting your press release (up to 800 words) and boosting it to a trial audience of 1,500 people with the choice of countries, gender and age.


Writing and publication of the articles and press releases
– publication of client’s press release. up to 1000 words free
– client provides a full article, we format it and publish. up to 1000 words £15.00
– client provides topic and bullet points, our writer writes the article, we publish it. 800 words £30.00
– client provides just a topic, our writer writes the article, we publish it. 800 words £35.00
– our writer create the article about a subject within client’s area of expertise and we publish it. 800 words £40.00
Monthly plans
1 article per month 800 words £30.00/month
2 articles per month 800 words £55.00/month
4 articles per month 800 words £110.00/month
Amplify an article on Twitter platform
To all followers of an event chosen by client 2 days £35.00
To all followers of an organisation (must have a Twitter account) 2 days £35.00
To 2000 audience with interests chosen by client one off £30.00
To 5000 audience with interests chosen by client one off £50.00
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