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The BP Oil Spill

As we all know, the BP oil spill in 2010 was good for absolutely nobody. This slick substance now sits on the surface of the scene of the crime. The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 has caused reverberations across the world – as millions of gallons of oil was lost to the sea and was ne’er cleaned up, it’s found a new home – on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. A recent study that was published in the excellent Environmental Science & Study journal found that anything from 6-10m gallons of oil is lying here. This, as you can imagine, has gone pretty much unnoticed by anyone with the clout or financial power to make a difference and solve the problem.

This sedimentation of the oil has caused a significant problem – lying on the surface means that all surface dwelling creatures down there like worms will be eating this. They’ll be then passing on the oil substance known as Carbon 14 – a radioactive form of carbon – to other creatures. This creates a chain reaction that will have a massively negative effect on the marine life.

As you might imagine, though, BP are looking good to get a minimum amount of trouble for this . Due to the fact that this has happened, the lasting effects on the parts of the world that we see every day have been minimal. The lasting damage to the Gulf is not yet known, all that can be said is that there will be permanent damage.

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Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor
8 years ago

I can’t believe that no one is taking action against what they did! Why exactly aren’t they paying for this and trying to clean it up? So many animals are suffering because this company’s reckless actions. Soon, even people will suffer from the oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

8 years ago

Yeah, they should have been run out of business but because they deal with oil which is needed (yet) they don’t pay as much as they should for what they did. I can’t wait for the day when oil will no longer be needed. What then?

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