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Tips for Conserving Water and Reducing Water Waste

Water is no doubt one of the most valuable natural resources. Unfortunately, this precious resource is also one of the most abused and misused ones. A stable food supply, intact and healthy natural ecosystems, and safe drinking water are just some of the things at stake as our water supply is put under more and more stress. If you want to do your part to keep water pure and clean in a manner that will protect the environment, it’s important that you focus on water conservation when possible. Following are some tips that will help you in this regard:

Check for Leaks

A dripping faucet can lead to about 20 gallons of water waste per day. A leaking toilet can use even more. So, if there are any leaks, don’t ignore them. Change the washers on your showers and sinks or install new washerless faucets. Properly maintaining your existing equipment is probably the cheapest and the easiest way to conserve water.

Install Water-Saving Fixtures

Water-efficient dishwashers, low-flow showerheads, dual or low-volume flush toilets can all help you conserve water. Aerators on the faucets can drastically reduce water waste. Splurging on a low-flow toilet could help you reduce water waste even more. Together, these changes basically cut the household’s everyday water use in half.

Plant a Low-Water Garden

Naturalize your garden using plants that are appropriate for your specific location. Plants that don’t need a lot of water are recommended. If you have to water, do it at night or during the coolest part of the day so that there is minimum evaporation. Xeriscaping is a way of landscaping that uses only low water and native plants. It is a particularly suitable approach for states like Arizona and California where people often plant lawns like they live in Florida.

Don’t Waste

All the water that goes down the drain, dirty or clean, ends up getting contaminated when it mixes with raw sewage. So, be sure to stay aware of this valuable resource disappearing and turn off water while shaving or brushing teeth and always wash dishes and laundry with full loads. To put things in perspective, take a look at your next water bill when it arrives and then put an effort to make the number go down.

Take Your Car to a Responsible Car Wash

Car washes are generally more efficient as compared to home washing and treat their water instead of letting it straight into the sewer system. It is recommended that you make sure that they recycle and clean the water. If possible, go for waterless car wash.

Harvest Rain Water

You can use rain water for irrigation. So, it would be a good idea to put a rain barrel on your downspouts. Rain cisterns come in all sizes and shapes ranging from smaller, freestanding systems to larger underground ones.

Report Leaks in Your Community

Report excessive waste, open hydrants, and broken pipes. Don’t hesitate to point out leaks to your family members and friends either. They might have fixed the dripping sound a long time ago.

With water being such a precious natural resource for life, conserving it and reducing water waste is an excellent way to take action. The above-listed are some of the easiest and the most effective ways to start this fight for conserving water for ourselves and our future generations.


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