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A Kind of Magic – Cosmetics Packaging Without Microplastic Pollution

Sulapac has launched a ground-breaking innovation. Now, water-based products can be packaged with a new bio-based Sulapac barrier that biodegrades without leaving permanent microplastics behind The barrier is no longer an obstacle The beauty and personal care industry is worth…

No Comments / 20th May 2021

top women in shipping

Crew performs remote sensor installation supported by Hoppe Marine for Diamond Bulk Carriers and Mitsubishi Ore Transport to access Nautilus Platform for fleet optimization during COVID-19

Diamond Bulk Carriers Pte. Ltd. and Mitsubishi Ore Transport Co., Ltd commenced a partnership with Nautilus Labs and Hoppe Marine GmbH with the goal of maximizing vessel and voyage profits while reducing their carbon footprint. (New York / Hamburg /…

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seafarers uk

Support Seafarers And Their Families At This Time of Crisis

In addition to Seafarers UK’s existing annual grants programme and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Seafarers UK has established a new COVID-19 Emergency Fund of £2 million this year to support merchant seafarers and British fishers through the COVID-19 crisis.

No Comments / 9th December 2020

Ports Keeping Britain Supplied

COVID-19: How Are Ports Keeping Britain Supplied?

In the midst of this pandemic, one of the biggest challenges for any government is to keep the supply chains moving without increasing the risk for spreading the virus.

No Comments / 28th April 2020

Merchant Mariners

How Covid-19 is Affecting Merchant Mariners

Like other industries, the global health crisis has adversely affected shipping and maritime industries. Trade fell as millions of workers and consumers are in lockdown.

No Comments / 17th April 2020