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Heat Records Set in the Antarctic Peninsula: How Long Will It Stand?

The Esperanza Base on the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula recorded an 18.3-Celsius temperature on February 6, 2020, the hottest temperature yet for Antarctica and almost the same temperature as Los Angeles in California that day.

Digital Ship Vessel Performance Cyprus 17 March 2020

Natasa Pilides, Deputy Minister of Shipping for the Republic of Cyprus will be giving a keynote talk about the role Cyprus has to play in the industry and what can be expected in the future.

The Most Extensive Coral Bleaching Is Threatening the Great Barrier Reef

Coral bleaching is a phenomenon where corals release symbiotic algae living in their tissues due to stress caused by changes in light, temperature or nutrients. This results in the corals turning completely white.

Circular Economy: Exploring the Possibility of a World Without Trash

This effort is led by Circle Economy, an international movement that aims to change everything that humanity has done within the past two centuries to give way for a better future without trash.

Posidonia 2020 To Be One Of The Biggest Ever

This will be the sixth decade of continuous service to the international maritime industry and the Greek shipping community. There will be more than 2000 exhibitors and tens of thousands of trade visitors from all over the world.

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Cleaner Seas is an online publication that covers the whole range of marine environmental issues and legislation, ranging from matters such as oil pollution prevention to control of funnel emissions and from the dumping of rubbish to use of antifoulings. It is produced with the active assistance and support of the major maritime organisations. Cleaner Seas has three main objectives: to keep shipping decision makers up to date with environmental issues, to inform a wider readership of what action is already being taken by shipping to prevent environmental damage and to project a balanced view of the industry’s environmental record, which is far better than the tabloid press would have us believe.


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£5.5 Million Cairngorms Wildlife Project Aims to Plant One Million Trees

Located in Northeast Scotland, Cairngorms National Park is the largest of its kind in the British Isles, but its wildlife has...

- 6th February 2020

The Aral Sea Is Vanishing and There Are Serious Consequences of this Disaster

Located between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the Aral Sea is an endorheic lake that was once the fourth largest lake in the...

- 23rd January 2020

Dying Rivers and Lakes in the World Due to Pollution

The third largest river in the world and the most sacred river in Hinduism has now become one of the filthiest....

- 24th December 2019

10 Most Endangered Marine Species

The marine ecosystem of the world is comprised of animals that are interdependent. If one species begins to lower in numbers,...

- 7th December 2019

Blockchain Consortium Launched by Maritime Blockchain Labs and Rainmaking

According to the Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS), nearly 25% of all serious incidents onboard containerships were attributable to mis-declared cargo.

- 8th July 2019

MacGregor to Deliver Another Eight Complete Hatch Cover Sets to Hyundai Mipo Dockyard

These build on contracts secured earlier this year to supply 18 hatch cover sets for the same series of containerships, bringing...

- 24th December 2018

Thordon Retrofits Solves Navenor’s Bearing Problems

Thordon Bearings has completed a range of water-lubricated and grease-free bearing installations to a third salt lugger in the Salinor/Navenor fleet,...

- 3rd December 2018

Damen Shiprepair Vlissingen Supporting Construction of Offshore Substation

The Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm, owned by Northland Power, will be an impressive wind farm with 33 turbines, situated 95...

- 26th November 2018

Piracy: The Face Of A Modern Pirate

Say the word pirate to anyone these days and many would automatically think of Captain Hook, arch nemesis of Peter Pan,...

- 14th June 2019

Sea Piracy: The Impact on Seafarers and Their Families

Modern-day pirates may not wear an eye patch or wave a sword in your face, but they are more real and...

- 20th April 2019

Anti Piracy: Seychelles – Paradise Under Attack by Pirates

By Lilly Black Seychelles has long had a reputation for being a honeymooner’s paradise. Beautiful beaches, palm trees, year round sunlight...

- 8th December 2015

Panel Proposes New Jobs to Root Out Piracy

Piracy is the by-product of unemployment and disregard faced by entire generations of young men and women in Somalia, according to...

- 25th November 2014