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Tips for Conserving Water and Reducing Water Waste

Water is no doubt one of the most valuable natural resources. Unfortunately, this precious resource is also one of the most abused and misused ones.

Supporting Your Local Economy to Fight Climate Change

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges that we face today. Global issues such as deforestation, extreme weather events, rising sea levels, etc. are all results of climate change and global warming.

With Zero Barnacle Growth After 63 Months in Major Biofouling Hotspots, Tanker Vessel M/T Calypso Validates Selektope® Antifouling Ability

Performance analysis of M/T Calypso, the first vessel coated with a 60-month paint system containing Selektope®, demonstrated average speed loss of just -0.5% during the service period

Using Renewable Energy to Power the Ships

While other modes of transportation are quickly making their way to go green, naval transport is yet to introduce sustainability. That said, many projects around the world are being developed to make ships greener and help cut down on the carbon footprint they leave behind.

How Anyone Environmentally Conscious Can Help Clean Up the Sea

Without a thriving marine ecosystem, we face more dangers from climate change. Fortunately, there are efforts to keep the oceans clean. And as an environmentally conscious individual, you can also protect the health of the sea.

Our mission

Cleaner Seas is an online publication that covers the whole range of marine environmental issues and legislation, ranging from matters such as oil pollution prevention to control of funnel emissions and from the dumping of rubbish to use of antifoulings. It is produced with the active assistance and support of the major maritime organisations. Cleaner Seas has three main objectives: to keep shipping decision makers up to date with environmental issues, to inform a wider readership of what action is already being taken by shipping to prevent environmental damage and to project a balanced view of the industry’s environmental record, which is far better than the tabloid press would have us believe.


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Environmental compliance

Ocean Acidification: Why it’s Dangerous for the Ocean and Sea Life

With forests being replaced by buildings and housing projects, carbon dioxide concentrations have also increased rapidly over the years. These have...

- 31st December 2020

The BMA is a Proud Supporter of Marine Sustainability

As a maritime nation, consisting of an archipelago of some 700 islands, rocks and cays spread over some 100,000 square miles...

- 23rd December 2020

Overfishing: Why It’s Time To Tackle It Now Before It’s Too Late

Overfishing has been a growing problem around the world for years now and it happens when too much fish is caught...

- 23rd December 2020

Saving Coral Reefs: What’s Working for Scientists?

We see them mostly in photographs captured by divers who showcase their beauty underwater. But coral reefs are more than just...

- 29th June 2020

Innovative 2,500 TEU Container Vessel “Trade Wings 2,500” from VPLP Design, Alwena Shipping, SDARI and AYRO receives Approval in Principle from Bureau Veritas

Paris La Défense, 17 May 2021 – The “Trade Wings 2,500”, an innovative container ship with a capacity of 2,500 TEU (Twenty-Foot Equivalent...

- 17th May 2021


New-build bulker utilises wind propulsion to maximise reduction of carbon emissions by up to 3,400 tons of CO2 per year. HELSINKI...

- 14th May 2021

IHM Maintenance

Until recently the 2020-deadline for Inventory of Hazardous Materials Part I – hazardous materials in structure and equipment (IHM) for existing...

- 24th February 2021

Blockchain Consortium Launched by Maritime Blockchain Labs and Rainmaking

According to the Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS), nearly 25% of all serious incidents onboard containerships were attributable to mis-declared cargo.

- 8th July 2019

Piracy: The Face Of A Modern Pirate

Say the word pirate to anyone these days and many would automatically think of Captain Hook, arch nemesis of Peter Pan,...

- 14th June 2019

Sea Piracy: The Impact on Seafarers and Their Families

Modern-day pirates may not wear an eye patch or wave a sword in your face, but they are more real and...

- 20th April 2019

Anti Piracy: Seychelles – Paradise Under Attack by Pirates

By Lilly Black Seychelles has long had a reputation for being a honeymooner’s paradise. Beautiful beaches, palm trees, year round sunlight...

- 8th December 2015

Panel Proposes New Jobs to Root Out Piracy

Piracy is the by-product of unemployment and disregard faced by entire generations of young men and women in Somalia, according to...

- 25th November 2014