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Cleaner Seas is an online publication that covers the whole range of marine environmental issues and legislation, ranging from matters such as oil pollution prevention to control of funnel emissions and from the dumping of rubbish to use of antifoulings. It is produced with the active assistance and support of the major maritime organisations. Cleaner Seas has three main objectives: to keep shipping decision makers up to date with environmental issues, to inform a wider readership of what action is already being taken by shipping to prevent environmental damage and to project a balanced view of the industry’s environmental record, which is far better than the tabloid press would have us believe.

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SIKA Marine
News Personnel Safety

Sika Marine Develops Sustainable Marine Flooring Solutions to Improve Ship Acoustics

There are many sources of vibrations and sounds onboard, e.g. propellers, gearboxes, diesel engines, etc. In order to ensure the safety and comfort of the

Events News

Bureau Veritas certifies Posidonia 2022 as Greece’s first Sustainable Event

Paris, Piraeus, Wednesday 25th May 2022 – Posidonia Exhibitions SA, the leading trade fair organiser in Greece, and Bureau Veritas (BV), a world

Cargo ship

Empowering Leadership for Women in Shipping

In what has been, and often remains, a male dominated industry, the Women’s International Shipping and Trade Association (WISTA) is as relevant today as it

Innovation & technology News

The benefits of making the smart choice

 Hello, It is with great pleasure, I share this exciting news. Eagle Bulk Shipping made a substantial investment in our CROE® Exhaust Scrubber Solutions

Innovation & technology News

Finding Environmental Balance in Marine Flooring Industry

It feels like there’s always a compromise between environmental considerations and costs when developing or working with products created for

Marine Pollution News

Orkney port – MV Hamnavoe ‘Green Energy’ Initiative

Recent environmental initiatives introduced at Orkney port include some extensive projects that focus on reducing carbon emissions and preserving marine

Innovation & technology News Ship safety

Wärtsilä to deliver first dedicated methanol fuel supply system

Wärtsilä Corporation, Trade Press release, 17 March 2022 at 10.30 AM EET The technology company Wärtsilä has developed a dedicated fuel supply system for

News Safe seas

UKHO announces UK-first S-102 Bathymetric Surface data set sea trial project in collaboration with Port of London Authority and SEAiq Pilot

Taunton, UK – February 23 2022: The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has today announced it is kickstarting an S-102 Bathymetric Surface sea trial project in

News Ship safety

Cemre Shipyard selects NES to equip Scandlines’ zero emission ferry

21 February 2022 – Cemre Shipyard has awarded Norwegian Electric Systems AS (NES) a substantial contract to supply the battery and control systems, plus

Economy News

Sallaum Lines Announces Plans to Establish Shipping Lines with Arab Countries

Sallaum Lines, the International Maritime Shipping Company, seeks to expand operations and services through its plans to establish shipping lines with the

Marine pollution

Marine Pollution News

Orkney port – MV Hamnavoe ‘Green Energy’ Initiative

Recent environmental initiatives introduced at Orkney port include some extensive projects that focus on reducing carbon emissions and preserving marine

Marine Pollution News

Reducing carbon footprint in marine industry

The marine industry has a great opportunity to reduce its carbon footprint. Developing and growing economies, as well as developing countries, can benefit

Marine Pollution

Isle of Man Ship Registry Believes Flag States Have an Important Role to Play in Promoting Green Shipping

Pioneering research into green propulsion technology is underway across the maritime sector in an effort to decarbonise shipping and find viable

Marine Pollution

How Anyone Environmentally Conscious Can Help Clean Up the Sea

Without a thriving marine ecosystem, we face more dangers from climate change. Fortunately, there are efforts to keep the oceans clean. And as an

Marine Pollution

The Ocean’s Plastic Problem Is Getting Worse With COVID-19

Just when things couldn’t get worse, the COVID-19 pandemic has added to an already alarming problem for the last few years.

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