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Orkney Harbour – BQUA Plus test kit evaluation for a local port authority ballast water policy

Case Study | Ballast water sample analysis: Comparing ATP to preserved sample analysis | July 2022 Overview Orkney Islands Council (OIC) approved and implemented a Ballast Water Management Policy in 2013 for Scapa Flow (Figure 1) following the International Maritime Organization Ballast Water Management Convention (IMO BWMC) D2 Standard. The OIC ballast water management
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Egypt’s Ailing Economy Likely to Get Boost from Developments in the Suez Canal

There might still be hope for Egypt’s ailing economy, despite it not being clear to many. In fact, it could enjoy the same benefits as Dubai’s Jebel Ali, with the now dual carriage waterway on the Suez Canal. Suez Canal today may seem at a disadvantage, what with the competition from the Panama Canal, lower bunker prices, and the turtle’s pace in the global trade. But it
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