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Natural Gas

Use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the Maritime Industries

With the call to fight against climate change and all the efforts to go green, there’s a need for the maritime industry to look beyond conventional fuels. This is especially true with environmental regulations becoming stricter than ever.

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cleaner shipping

Working together to provide Damen’s Green Solutions

Bringing together the experience and knowledge of two Damen companies is the close cooperation between Damen Green Solutions and Damen Shiprepair & Conversion (DSC). The two companies combine their specific skill sets to offer ship owners a smoother transition towards compliance with new environmental regulations and cleaner sailing.

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emission reduction rules

Enforcement of Emission Reduction Rules Will Start at Major Ports in China

Last year, three emission-controlled areas were established in China – the Yangtze River delta, Bohai Bay, and the Pearl River Delta. All vessels entering or operating within these parts are subject to the new regulations which specify that they must use fuel with low-sulfur content while berthed at major ports found within the specified areas.

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Wastewater treatment

Wastewater Treatment Solutions: ACO Marine’s Projects in Canada Will be Supported by Marine and Offshore

Ontario-based Marine and Offshore (MAO) Canada will provide sales and technical support across ACO Marine’s range of products, including the MEPC227(64) compliant Clarimar MF and Maripur NF biological sewage treatment plants.

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environmental change

Earth Day: Bringing the World Together for Environmental Change

Since its inception, Earth Day has become a substantial part of the modern environmental movement. Bringing the world together for environmental change.

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carriage of biofuels

New Regulations on the Carriage of Biofuels: Time is Running Out for Product Tanker owners

New regulations on the carriage of biofuels could limit the trading flexibility of product tankers.

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Reduce Pollution

Ambitious Plan To Reduce Pollution & Restore The Baltic

HELCOM has adopted an ambitious overarching action plan to drastically reduce pollution to the Baltic Sea and restore its good ecological status by 2021.

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Environmental Campaign

HELMEPA’s Environmental Campaign Moves to Kavala

HELMEPA’s Environmental Campaign moves to Kavala under the auspices of the Municipality.

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Environmental Law

Maritime law expert from Mexico Dr. José Eusebio Salgado y Salgado received International Maritime Prize

In a special ceremony on 1 December, IMO Secretary-General Koji Sekimizu presented the award, in the form of a silver dolphin, to Dr. Salgado y Salgado

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SEACOR Environmental Services Middle East Looks Forward to a bright future

SEACOR Environmental Services Middle East (SESME) looks forward to a bright future in becoming the major regional emergency response organisation.

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Marine Environment

Marine Environment: Companies, Local Stakeholders and Volunteers for Clean Seas

The wide participation in HELMEPA’s Month of Action for the Marine Environment, constitutes a hopeful sign.

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Nitrogen Oxide Emissions: new product for exhaust after-treatment introduced by L’Orange

L’Orange has introduced L’ONOX, a new concept in the field of exhaust after-treatment for large marine, offshore, power plant and railway engines. With this innovation, the subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG, is providing an important component for compliance with the strict emission limits for large engines beginning in 2016.

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Maritime Secutiry

Glamox at the SMM 2014: New Products to Improve Maritime Security

Glamox Group presents special LED luminaires for use in demanding environments as well as innovative searchlights for more maritime security.

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Zero Emission Cranes

Zero Emission: Eco cranes for Brazil

Super Terminals in Brazil, buying eco cranes from Kalmar of Finland. The E-One2 zero emission gantry cranes (RTGs) include an all-electric drive that produces no emissions or engine noise.

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Battling air pollution

Battling Air Pollution: Air Quality Monitoring For Faroe Islands

Two air quality monitoring stations are installed on Faroe islands to monitor the environment and provide air quality data to the public and other interested parties

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Maritime Industry Skills To Be Boosted By Institute Of Export Training

The Institute of Export’s (IOE) courses will be taught at the Port Academy Liverpool. The courses are a part of a drive to increase careers in the maritime industry and are internationally accredited.

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