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The Game of Drones: Revolutionising Marine Conservation and Monitoring

Introduction In recent years, drones have taken flight and revolutionised various industries, including the realm of marine conservation and monitoring. By combining cutting-edge technology with a deep commitment to environmental preservation, drones offer an invaluable tool for scientists, researchers, and conservationists to monitor, protect, and restore our precious
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Late 2023 may well be an inflexion point for the ARA bunker market – and the global marine fuels sector. The industry is grappling with the demands of recent regulation, such EEXI and CII, and close on the horizon – in 2024 – the EU’s Fit for 55 measures will begin to impact bunkering and […]
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TMS launches 10th anniversary Awards

BE PART OF THE SHIPPING INDUSTRY’S BIGGEST & THE BEST NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY OF THE DECADE, 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION OF THE MARITIME STANDARD AWARDS.   The TMS Awards 2023 will take place on Tuesday 7th November at Atlantis, the Palm, Dubai in its iconic ballroom, with a very special evening planned to mark a significant milestone. […]
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WISTA International AGM & Conference 2023

LATIN AMERICAN SHIPPING AND TRADING: TOWARDS AN INCLUSIVE GREENER DIGITAL FUTURE This year’s WISTA International AGM & Conference will be celebrated in October in Montevideo, the beautiful capital city of Uruguay. The conference will focus on the key shipping and trading activities that make Latin America such an essential piece of the global economic jigsaw. […]
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Using remote sensing technology for the monitoring of ocean and coastal habitats

Our oceans are the lifeblood of our planet – but unfortunately, they’re also at great risk. Climate change-related shifts in temperatures can wreak havoc on local marine populations and lead to their extinction. Moreover, overfishing, oil spills along with plastic waste have all led many aquatic species towards near-extinction or endangerment status. One
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Marine mammals: challenges and protection

Dolphins, seals, walruses, whales – marine mammals come in different shapes and sizes yet share common traits. These remarkable creatures inhabit vast expanses of oceans around the globe but are exposed to numerous dangers that threaten their survival – ranging from illegal hunting practices to changing ocean temperatures due to climate change. Whales and dolphins
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