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10 less known facts about marine animals

Marine animals Trivia

1. You know those creepy-looking Pacific barreleye fish with the transparent heads and weird eyes? Well, turns out they’ve got some pretty wild eyesight – they can rotate their tubular eyes to look up or forward, allowing them to spot prey that’s above or in front of them.

2. Have you ever heard of the mantis shrimp? They’re a type of shrimp that can pack a punch, with the fastest punch in the animal kingdom – they can reach speeds of over 50 miles per hour! Plus, they’ve got some of the most complex eyes of any animal, with 16 colour receptors and the ability to see ultraviolet, visible, and polarised light.

3. Electric eels might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but they’re actually real! They’re a type of fish that can generate electric shocks of up to 600 volts, which they use to stun prey and defend themselves against predators.

4. Did you know that blue whales are the largest animals on Earth? I mean, we’re talking a heart the size of a small car and a tongue that can weigh as much as an elephant. That’s some serious size!

5. When it comes to parenting, seahorses have got it figured out – the males are the ones that carry and give birth to the young! And get this – some species of seahorses can carry up to 2,000 babies at once. Talk about a busy dad!

Image of an star fish

6. The oarfish might not be a household name, but it’s a pretty cool fish. It’s a deep-sea fish that can grow up to 36 feet long – that’s longer than a school bus! No wonder they call it the “king of herrings.”

7. I don’t know about you, but I never would’ve thought that an octopus could use a coconut shell as a shelter, but that’s exactly what the coconut octopus does! These little guys are some of the most intelligent invertebrates in the ocean, and they’re known for using all sorts of objects as makeshift armor and hideouts.

8. Giant squid might sound like something out of a sea monster movie, but they’re real! And they’re pretty elusive, too – the largest ever recorded measured over 43 feet long and weighed nearly a ton. That’s one big squid!

9. Thresher sharks might not be as well-known as some of their shark cousins, but they’re pretty impressive hunters. They’ve got a long, whip-like tail that they use to stun and catch prey, making them some of the most skilled hunters in the ocean.

10. Have you ever heard of the axolotl? It’s a type of salamander that can regenerate its limbs and other body parts, which makes it a valuable subject for medical research. Plus, it’s got a pretty cool nickname – the “Mexican walking fish.”


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