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Ocean Cleanup

We Are Seeing the Beginning of the World’s Largest Ocean Cleanup

What scientists call the “wow factor” of ocean trash is a huge wake up call for the world’s population, especially with the effects being increasingly felt around the world. It’s about time that we get our act together and find solutions to clean up this mess.

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Plastic Pollution

It’s Time to Fight Plastic Pollution in the Oceans: Here’s What We Can Do

Most of us are using plastic now more than ever because it’s easy to use, affordable and durable. So, it’s not surprising that plastic has started to accumulate not only in dumpsters but also in places where they shouldn’t be.

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International Oil Spill

International Oil Spill Conference 2020

All stakeholders gather to exchange research and lessons learned from previous oil spill responses to help move towards a common objective.

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Climate Change - Polar Bear

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report Is Out and Here’s What We Learned From It

We’ve seen disasters destroy towns and animal populations vanish because of the effects of climate change—and the worse is, this is only the beginning. For many years, we’ve watched as the earth’s temperature continues to rise causing the ice caps…

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climate change

Climate Change Is Driving Plankton Towards the Poles

None of us were prepared for what climate change would bring to the world. More than 7,000 years ago, the last ice age ended abruptly signaling the beginning of the modern climate era.

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Coral Reefs

These Restoration Projects for Coral Reefs Prove That It’s Not Too Late Yet

The last 30 years has seen the death of 50% of the world’s coral reefs and up to 90% may die in the next century including 29 reefs with World Heritage sites.

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plastic waste

Plastic Waste: Research Says That Our Plastic Waste Is Harming Sharks and Rays

The problem with plastic waste has long been a cause of debate for many countries around the world. But while several efforts have been made to help lessen the world’s waste, hundreds of sharks and rays are still dying.

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