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Posidonia 2020

Posidonia 2020 To Be One Of The Biggest Ever

This will be the sixth decade of continuous service to the international maritime industry and the Greek shipping community. There will be more than 2000 exhibitors and tens of thousands of trade visitors from all over the world.

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plant one million trees

£5.5 Million Cairngorms Wildlife Project Aims to Plant One Million Trees

Located in Northeast Scotland, Cairngorms National Park is the largest of its kind in the British Isles, but its wildlife has been threatened over the years, mostly due to a decline in trees in the area. This year, an initiative…

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maritime digital transformation forum

Maritime Digital Transformation Forum in Copenhagen 6th Feb 2020

Mikkel Hansen, CEO of Maritime Development Center will offer an introduction and overview of the most important recent happenings in maritime digitalisation, where are we? And where must we make improvements?

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aral sea vanishing

The Aral Sea Is Vanishing and There Are Serious Consequences of this Disaster

Located between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the Aral Sea is an endorheic lake that was once the fourth largest lake in the world covering an area of over 68,000 square kilometres and containing 10 grams of salt per liter.

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ocean plastic

Ocean Plastic Is Eating Up the World, But These Technologies Won’t Let That Happen

Today, at least 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris can be found in the ocean. 269,000 tonnes of that is floating on the surface while a staggering 4 billion plastic microfibers per square kilometer is scatter deep in the sea.

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nuclear pollution

How nuclear pollution affects the ocean waters, the environment, and humans

The radiation from Fukushima, for instance, bled into the ocean when the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant was damaged during the 2011 earthquake in Japan. What was released are dozens of radioactive elements in large quantities.

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polluted rivers

Dying Rivers and Lakes in the World Due to Pollution

The third largest river in the world and the most sacred river in Hinduism has now become one of the filthiest. After all, this is where 400 million people living near it dump their waste.

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