Hydroniq Coolers Enters Marine Partnership with SonFlow

Norwegian provider of marine cooling systems, Hydroniq Coolers, has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Danish plate heat exchanger supplier SonFlow, which is owned by former Sondex-founder and owner Aage Soendergaard Nilsen.  

As part of the strategic partnership, Hydroniq Coolers will integrate SonFlow’s plate heat exchangers and pumps in its offering towards shipowners, shipyards and designers within the maritime and shipping industries.

“This partnership gives shipowners access to an even more complete portfolio of marine cooling solutions. It allows yards and shipowners to increasingly choose and tailor packages and solutions that are optimal for the criteria and requirements of their specific vessels,” says Inge Bøen, CEO of Hydroniq Coolers.

In these packages, the heat exchangers and the pump can be paired in respect of pressure drop and flow rate to produce the best and most efficient solution.

Hydroniq Coolers is headquartered in Aalesund, Norway, and is renowned for its energy efficient seawater cooling solutions, including its hull-integrated “Rack” seawater cooler and the maintenance friendly “Pleat” cooler, where one cooling element equals approximately 15 plates in a traditional plate heat exchanger. The systems are designed to reduce temperatures in the ship’s engines and other auxiliary systems through use of seawater.

Over the past 10 years, SonFlow, has succeeded in developing optimal energy efficient pumps branded DanPumps, for use in all types of industries. The company has recently expanded its product portfolio with new highly efficient heat exchangers.

Testing has shown that the plates from SonFlow’s heat exchangers have a thermal efficiency that is up to 15 percent higher than other similar plate heat exchangers from competing companies. The design of the SonFlow plates also means that the plates are suitable even for high operating pressures.

“With the climate challenges the world is facing today, installed heat exchangers and pumps need to be even more energy efficient and eco-friendly. They need to make better use of energy, leading to replacement of old and inefficient plate heat exchangers and pumps. In many cases, we can offer to replace these old plate packs, with our new and energy-efficient plates, without having to change the existing plate heat exchanger frames and pipe installations,” says Aage Soendergaard Nilsen, CEO of SonFlow.

SonFlow’s headquarters and production facility is based in Kolding, Denmark.

“Our Pleat and Rack seawater cooling solutions are the favoured technology for the large majority of our customers. However, some also prefer traditional the traditional plate heat exchangers, which we can now offer through the partnership with SonFlow,” says Inge Bøen.

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