Marine Engineering Brief for London Waterways Awarded to LOC

Marine engineering consultancy LOC, part of AqualisBraemar LOC, has been awarded a framework agreement to supply marine engineering services to support Transport for London’s (TfL)’s marine assets, including piers and the Woolwich Ferry. 

Under the framework agreement, LOC will provide marine engineering consultancy services, including marine structures engineering, naval architecture, marine vessel engineering and marine asset incident investigation, as on-call support to TfL Sponsored Services group consisting of London River Services and TfL-owned piers, and the Woolwich Ferry.

The Woolwich Ferry, which links Woolwich and North Woolwich across the Thames, uses 2 x new 60-metre hybrid diesel-electric ferries that are powered by advanced environmentally friendly propulsion systems and an automated mooring system.

“LOC and our sister company Longitude have considerable project expertise in the design and engineering for the integration of hybrid-propulsion systems amongst other clean shipping technologies. We are excited at the opportunity to apply that experience to supporting TfL’s transition to sustainable power on such a recognised establishment as the Woolwich Ferry,” says Wei-Yang Tan, maritime civil engineering consultant at LOC’s London office.

The framework agreement is valid for three years plus an option to extend for a further one-year period (3+1). LOC will support the framework agreement with its team of master mariners, marine engineers, electrical engineers and naval architects.

“We have in-depth familiarity with smaller ships, ferries in general and the requirements of specialist marine equipment, including shoreside interfaces, across conventional shipping and the arrival of new requirements for low or zero carbon solutions. We are therefore well placed to identify, address and support with strategies and operational aspects surrounding any arising issues with all that TfL does on water,” says Johan Gahnstrom, LOC’s shipping operations director.

LOC operates in the shipping, oil and gas, and renewables sectors, providing loss prevention and loss management services, as well as marine and engineering consultancy services.

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