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Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification: Why it’s Dangerous for the Ocean and Sea Life

With forests being replaced by buildings and housing projects, carbon dioxide concentrations have also increased rapidly over the years. These have resulted to different incidents including a decrease in the ocean’s pH units.

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Marine Sustainability

The BMA is a Proud Supporter of Marine Sustainability

As a maritime nation, consisting of an archipelago of some 700 islands, rocks and cays spread over some 100,000 square miles of beautiful coral seas; preservation of the marine environment is paramount to The Bahamas.

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Overfishing: Why It’s Time To Tackle It Now Before It’s Too Late

Overfishing has been a growing problem around the world for years now and it happens when too much fish is caught at once that it’s hard for the breeding population to replenish its stocks.

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Coral Reefs

Saving Coral Reefs: What’s Working for Scientists?

We see them mostly in photographs captured by divers who showcase their beauty underwater. But coral reefs are more than just decorations on the sea and ocean beds.

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Productivity in the Ocean

Understanding Primary Productivity in the Ocean, by Ben Goymer

A combination of both light and nutrients are essential for phytoplankton to sustain their growth. Without the supply of nutrients from the lower layers of the ocean, phytoplankton cannot photosynthesise and maintain their biomass in the sun-lit upper layers of the ocean.

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Threats to Our Oceans

What Are the Biggest Threats to Our Oceans?

The earth as we know it has more water than land. In fact, the ocean covers more than 70% of the planet’s surface that it’s easy to assume that it has unlimited resources.

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coronavirus detection

How the Ocean Could be Our Biggest Ally against COVID-19

As scientists and medical experts rally to find a cure or vaccine against this deadly virus, they are now looking to the bottom of the ocean for possible answers.

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Marine Life Thrives

Marine Life Thrives Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

After having people encroach on their natural habitat for decades, animals above land and below water are having a new lease on life.

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Marine life during pandemic

Coronavirus: The Sea and Its Marine Life Are Finally Getting a Rest Because of the Pandemic

Although the invention of ships and other marine vessels has been greatly beneficial to humans, the noise they bring to the oceans has been detrimental to marine life.

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pink jellyfish

Coronavirus: Deserted Beach in the Philippines Is Now Teeming With Pink Jellyfish

Now that there are no people around their natural habitat, this population of pink jellyfish no longer feels threatened, making them rise to the surface.

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plant one million trees

£5.5 Million Cairngorms Wildlife Project Aims to Plant One Million Trees

Located in Northeast Scotland, Cairngorms National Park is the largest of its kind in the British Isles, but its wildlife has been threatened over the years, mostly due to a decline in trees in the area. This year, an initiative…

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aral sea vanishing

The Aral Sea Is Vanishing and There Are Serious Consequences of this Disaster

Located between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the Aral Sea is an endorheic lake that was once the fourth largest lake in the world covering an area of over 68,000 square kilometres and containing 10 grams of salt per liter.

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polluted rivers

Dying Rivers and Lakes in the World Due to Pollution

The third largest river in the world and the most sacred river in Hinduism has now become one of the filthiest. After all, this is where 400 million people living near it dump their waste.

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plastic waste

Plastic Waste: Research Says That Our Plastic Waste Is Harming Sharks and Rays

The problem with plastic waste has long been a cause of debate for many countries around the world. But while several efforts have been made to help lessen the world’s waste, hundreds of sharks and rays are still dying.

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Worlds largest wellboat

Norwegian Shipowner Chooses Cflow Fish Handling System for World’s Largest Wellboat

Together with Frøy Rederi and Møre Maritime, Cflow has designed a new and innovative wellboat concept with several new solutions for the future aquaculture industry. The concept’s primary focus over several years has been maximum fish welfare for a future-oriented and sustainable industry.

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whale population

Recent Calf Sightings Could Mean Improved Recovery of Whale Population

In 2018, no whale calves were spotted in their breeding ground off the Florida and Georgia coasts. It wasn’t until the end of December when the first calf was spotted and a total of 7 more were seen afterward.

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