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Sustainable Shipping

Sustainable Shipping Initiative Signs Shared Commitments

The SSI, has announced that all of its members have signed a set of shared commitments to set a clear benchmark for sustainable shipping practices.

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Marine Generator

DBR Completes Major Marine Generator Set Order for Damen Shipyards

DBR has delivered the last units of a substantial order totalling 42 marine generator sets for Damen Shipyards Gorinchem.

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Marine Environment

Marine Environment: Companies, Local Stakeholders and Volunteers for Clean Seas

The wide participation in HELMEPA’s Month of Action for the Marine Environment, constitutes a hopeful sign.

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Second GreenPort Cruise Conference Highlights Environmental and Sustainability Issues

The second GreenPort Cruise Conference, highlighted the latest environmental and sustainability issues facing global cruise terminals.

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Pan Ocean

South Korean Bulker Operator Pan Ocean On Sale

Pan Ocean announced in a Korea Exchange filing on 30 September that the firm would choose a public bidding process to sell itself.

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Ballast Water

Ballast Water: Japan Ratifies IMO Ballast Water Convention

Japan announced ratification of the ballast water convention, and only 2.98% remains of the 35% global tonnage required to enforce the convention.

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marine jet power

Marine Jet Power: Introducing the all new MJP Hybrid

Marine Jet Power is proud to introduce a totally new product concept – optimized for high-speed applications and featuring a superior and well proven pump unit. The MJP Hybrid waterjet combines the very best characteristics of the revolutionary MJP DRB series with the highly respected MJP Ultrajet series.

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Miniature Navigation System

New Miniature Navigation Systems: Much More Accurate, Robust, and Versatile

New Miniature Navigation Systems: up to 0.2* Roll, Pitch and Heading

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marine environment

The Marine Environment: Understanding our connection with it

This article was created in the framework of the three-year-long Marine Environment and Science Awareness Campaign, implemented by HELMEPA across 12 Greek cities.

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Nitrogen Oxide Emissions: new product for exhaust after-treatment introduced by L’Orange

L’Orange has introduced L’ONOX, a new concept in the field of exhaust after-treatment for large marine, offshore, power plant and railway engines. With this innovation, the subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG, is providing an important component for compliance with the strict emission limits for large engines beginning in 2016.

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fast rescue boat

New Fast Rescue Boat from Tuco Marine Group

The new design is a dedicated fast rescue boat and crew transfer vessel for offshore wind farms. The boat has been developed in close collaboration with Norwegian operators and experts in Wind Farm Services.

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beach cleanup

Corporate Social Responsibility for “Clean Seas and Beaches” in Beach Cleanup Action

The activities of the International Voluntary Coastal Cleanup Campaign across Greece carried on over the weekend, with the broad participation of the “HELMEPA Junior” Program’s – beach cleanup

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Ballast Water Treatment

Ballast Water Management Technology Conference

       8-9 December 2014, The Congress Centre, London Essential ballast water management guidance to prepare shipowners for Convention enforcement. Shipowner perspective from Saga Shipholding, Canada Steamship Lines, Van Oord and German Shipowners’ association. Review 10 years of testing BWMS…

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Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill: BP to appeal the guilty verdict

Having been found grossly negligent” for its role in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BP is currently seeking to appeal the verdict.
The request for appeal of last month’s verdict which was filed by the oil giant in an attempt to exculpate itself from liabilities in the amount of approximately $18bn (£11.1bn).

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climate march

Massive Climate March Walrus Style

What is believed by scientists to be the biggest amassing of Pacific walruses on record is being attributed to climate change. Point Lay, an island in northwest Alaska, was the venue for the gathering of more than 35,000 of these portly…

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Gravity Dips

Gravity Dips Caused by Loss of Ice in Antarctica

Gravity Dips Caused by Loss of Ice in Antarctica.

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