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Exploring Opportunities at the Oman Maritime, Ports and Energy Forum

The Sultanate of Oman is set to host the Oman Maritime, Ports and Energy Forum, an event that promises to be a pivotal gathering for international maritime stakeholders. This forum will shine a spotlight on Oman’s thriving port, energy, shipping, and bunkering sectors, offering attendees a unique opportunity to engage with leading industry experts from across the Middle East and beyond.

The forum will feature a comprehensive programme, including a conference, tailored breakouts and workshops, business-to-business introduction opportunities, and specialised training sessions. Additionally, participants will have the option to arrange site visits to key ports and related facilities, providing a first-hand look at Oman’s maritime infrastructure and capabilities.

Key focus points at the Oman Maritime, Ports and Energy Forum will be:

  • The outlook for global trade and the impact on commodity flows and shipping routes
  • Shipping forecast: The regional and global outlook for vessel segments and the newbuild orderbook
  • Oman Vision 2040 – the impact on, and opportunities for, shipping, ports and logistics
  • The energy transition – a regional overview
  • Oman’s ports – new initiatives and infrastructure, including industry, logistics and storage opportunities
  • Oman’s maritime sector – strengths and capabilities in shipping, ship repair and agency services
  • Oman’s growing importance as a safe and reliable bunkering location
  • The role of digitalisation in optimising ship operations
  • Oman’s key role in the production of green energy, and the opportunities for shipping
  • Meeting decarbonisation targets: alternative marine fuels and technological innovation

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