PortXchange Showcased on Flagship Founders’ Global Maritime Tech Startup Map 2024

[Rotterdam, 05 July 2024] – PortXchange, a leading innovator in port call optimization and maritime decarbonization digital AI solutions, is honoured to be included in the prestigious Global Maritime Tech Startup Map 2024, published annually by Flagship Founders. Recognized in the Ports and Docks category, PortXchange’s inclusion highlights its cutting-edge technologies and sustainable initiatives, particularly its flagship solutions, EmissionInsider and Synchronizer.

Flagship Founders’ Global Maritime Tech Startup Map 2024 comprehensively overviews the most impactful maritime software startups and scale-ups globally. PortXchange’s selection underscores its pivotal role in advancing decarbonization efforts within the maritime industry.

Sjoerd de Jager, Managing Director of PortXchange, expressed his gratitude to their partnering ports, saying, “Being featured in the Global Maritime Tech Startup Map 2024 is a testament to our relentless commitment to innovation and sustainability. Our collaboration with leading ports, including the Port of Rotterdam, Port of Houston, Port of Amsterdam, and the Greater Houston Port Bureau, alongside our other port partners, paves the way for a greener and more efficient maritime future. We are proud to be working with such forward-thinking ports that step outside of the status quo to drive for decarbonization. We are honoured to be recognized alongside other pioneers in this category.”

PortXchange’s flagship products, EmissionInsider and Synchronizer, are at the forefront of enabling ports and ships to reduce carbon emissions and optimize operations. EmissionInsider provides real-time insights into emissions data, helping ports monitor and manage their environmental impact effectively. Synchronizer enhances port call efficiency, including JIT calls (Just In Time), minimizing delays and improving turnaround times, directly contributing to lower fuel consumption and emissions.

The Port of Rotterdam, one of the busiest ports globally, has been a significant partner in PortXchange’s sustainability journey. This collaboration has led to substantial CO2 emissions reductions, setting a benchmark for other ports. Similarly, the Port of Houston, Port of Amsterdam, and the Greater Houston Port Bureau have also demonstrated their commitment to environmental stewardship by adopting PortXchange’s innovative solutions.

The inclusion of PortXchange in the Global Maritime Tech Startup Map 2024 not only highlights the company’s technological expertise but also recognizes the forward-thinking ports that have chosen to embrace these solutions. Their commitment to sustainability and operational excellence is and will be instrumental in driving the maritime industry towards a more sustainable future.

PortXchange Showcased on Flagship Founders' Global Maritime Tech Startup Map 2024

Sjoerd de Jager, CEO of PortXchange

About PortXchange

PortXchange was established in 2019 as an independent organization following an incubation at the Port of Rotterdam Authority. Portxchange provides trade-agnostic digital solutions to optimize operations and reduce ports and shipping industry emissions.

Since its implementation in Rotterdam, PortXchange has expanded to other ports such as Felixstowe, Moerdijk, Algeciras, and Houston. Today, it is trusted by industry leaders worldwide to optimize over 100,000 port calls annually.

Today, PortXchange is at the forefront of driving optimization and decarbonization efforts within the maritime sector. With a data-centric approach, we continuously innovate to catalyze positive change and promote sustainability.

As a B Corp-certified company, PortXchange is not only focused on environmental sustainability but also considers socially responsible and ethical ways of conducting business throughout our entire value chain.

PortXchange’s award-winning EmissionInsider sets the gold standard for emissions tracking and analysis, driving ports towards net-zero emissions.EmissionInsider monitors and analyses a port’s carbon footprint, pinpointing pollutant sources and hotspots.

The solution enables port users to evaluate multiple “what-if” scenarios using specific port data, assessing the potential impact of decarbonization plans on air quality before implementation.

EmissionInsider tracks, analyses and reports scope 3 emissions from trucks, rail, and vessels, providing ports with a clear pathway to zero emissions. By prioritizing data-driven decarbonization initiatives it helps ports meet their targets more rapidly and supplies critical data for taking corrective actions on existing plans. This green tech solution enhances sustainability, enabling ports to become more environmentally responsible.

Synchronizer optimizes port calls using the latest terminal updates to ensure just-in-time arrivals and real-time berth planning updates, enabling informed decisions and eliminating unnecessary idle time. Based on the latest ETA berth, PortXchange Synchronizer calculates the optimal speed to reach the pilot boarding place on time and proceed to the terminal upon arrival.

Synchronizer reduces fuel consumption, emission footprint, and operational costs by optimizing vessel speed and eliminating idle time upon arrival.

For additional information about Flagship Founders’ Global Maritime Tech Startup Map 2024, visit Flagship Founders.

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