Clamping Technology Leader AMF Hooks Up With BUMAX For Clamping Systems

Leading European clamping manufacturer AMF of Germany has decided to use extra strong and corrosion resistant screws from BUMAX for its zero-point clamping systems.

It is BUMAX extra strength fastener model 109 in both Standard and Ultra grades that AMF has now ordered to enhance precise zero-point clamping solutions used in milling processes and turning centers to enable fixture and workpiece changes within seconds.

AMF’s revolutionary Zero-Point-System has highly precise clamping modules with high draw-in, locking and holding forces to ensure perfect clamping in the widest range of applications. AMF previously used carbon steel screws for its clamping products but the company required a more durable fastener solution.

BUMAX 109 and BUMAX 109 Ultra screws were chosen to further enhance AMF’s system and to provide end users with the highest level of quality, accuracy and operational safety:

“As our Zero-Point-Clamping Systems require a maximum of stiffness, strength and vibration tolerance, we were looking for a fastener solution that would outperform normal stainless steel,” explains Christina Holm, AMF’s Product Manager for Zero-Point-Systems. “BUMAX was the only solution that fully met all of our tensile tests for extreme loading scenarios.”

”Stable even under extreme forces”

BUMAX 109 and BUMAX 109 Ultra are fasteners developed and supplied by BUMAX, a leading Swedish manufacturer of high strength stainless steel fasteners. These premium fasteners provide better corrosion resistance and strength in demanding applications.

AMF ordered both BUMAX 109 and the super strength BUMAX 109 Ultra since a particular headcap was needed that can only be manufactured in the BUMAX Ultra grade. BUMAX Ultra is the strongest fastener in the world.

“BUMAX screws are stable against static and dynamic forces during the machining process – even under extreme forces. Also, they are available in a range of sizes, which makes them suitable for all our zero-point clamping modules – including pneumatic, hydraulic and automation modules,” concludes Holm.

Andreas Maier GmbH & Co.KG (AMF) is a market leader for clamping, screwing and closing solutions based in Fellbach, near Stuttgart, Germany. The company’s annual turnover is 47.3 million euros. AMF supplies products and solutions for a wide range of industries, including automotive, assembly, tool, aerospace, automation, construction, machine and medical technology.

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