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Navigation Radar SharpEye™ Will be Supplied to Singapore Navy by Kelvin Hughes

Kelvin Hughes, a world leader in the design and supply of navigation and security surveillance systems, is delighted to announce that it is supplying its SharpEye™ navigation radar for the Republic of Singapore Navy’s Littoral Mission Vessel (LMV) programme.

The lead ship of the fleet, Independence, was delivered in May of this year equipped with two I-Band (X-band) SharpEye™ systems. A further seven vessels will be similarly equipped with the same I-Band SharpEye™ systems.

These eight new LMVs will replace the Singapore Navy’s current fleet of Fearless-class patrol vessels and is configurable to undertake a wide spectrum of operations.

With its solid-state technology, SharpEye™ does not require a magnetron and transmits a low power, patented pulse sequence. Doppler processing adds another dimension to the analysis of the radar returns and increases the probability of detection of targets. Through a series of electronic filters, SharpEye™ is able to distinguish between targets of interest and clutter caused by adverse weather conditions. Customisable waveforms can be configured for specific threats and to track specific targets, such as helicopters.

Alan Koong, Kelvin Hughes’ Regional Sales Manager, commented: “We’re delighted to be helping the Republic of Singapore Navy to maximise the effectiveness of its new LMV fleet. This is a further vote of confidence in our industry-leading SharpEye™ technology which is currently being employed by 27 of the world’s navies.”

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