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Water Lubricated Propeller Shaft Bearing System, COMPAC, Nominated for Green4Sea Award

Thordon Bearings’ water lubricated propeller shaft bearing system, COMPAC, has been nominated for the 2018 Green4Sea Technical Award.

In response to the nomination, Craig Carter, Thordon Bearings’ Director of Marketing and Customer Service, says: “To be nominated for such an award is an honour. It instills confidence that our COMPAC system is meeting the shipping industry’s need for sustainable, environmentally-safe ship technologies.”

The Green4Sea award is presented to those companies that have made a significant technological breakthrough or have made a significant contribution in any aspect of environmental maritime activity.

The winners are selected by members of the global maritime industry who are invited to cast their votes. You can vote at https://www.green4sea.com/2018-green4sea-awards/

“A vote for COMPAC is certainly a vote for sustainable shipping,” attests Carter. “While pollution from stern tube leaking seals is still widely considered an unavoidable side-effect of using oil-lubricated systems in the ship-to-sea interface, we are encouraged that more and more Administrations and shipowners are looking at this avoidable source of pollution in the same way they view other systems that damage the marine environment.”

Recent orders from Login Logistica, Matson Navigation, Lomar, COSCO, Tropical Shipping, MSC Cruises and Viking Crusies attest to this.

Thordon’s belief is that seawater shaft lubrication systems provide the only guarantee of zero environmental impact from the propeller shaft, without detriment to shaft integrity, reliability and operability.

Voters can learn more about the environmental and operational advantages of using COMPAC at www.thordonbearings.com

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