Fleet Cleaner Demonstrates ATEX Certified Technology for Hull Cleaning of Tankers During Cargo Ops at Vopak Terminals in Rotterdam

Hull cleaning for petroleum tankers has always been an operational challenge. Just like any vessel type, the underwater hull of tankers gets fouled, which increases fuel consumption by 5-10%. The cleaning of a tanker always results in off-hire time, either by cleaning the vessel at anchorage or at buoys or dolphins in ports. This way, hull cleaning inevitably leads to unwanted and expensive downtime of the vessel.

Fleet Cleaner has introduced a revolutionary ATEX certified setup to solve this critical issue. The innovative hull cleaning ROV and the entire installation, including work vessel, has been designed to operate safely next to tankers during their loading- and unloading operations at the terminal or at ship-to-ship transfer.

The ATEX certified system has been operational since the beginning of 2021, with the first successful demonstration at the Vopak Europoort terminal in the Port of Rotterdam. As Vopak is continuously innovating within their terminal operations, they were proud to host the launch of such an innovative service at their own terminal. Since then, the port authorities of Antwerp and Amsterdam have allowed these operations as well, and many petroleum terminals have followed in giving approval for these services. Fleet Cleaner is now continuously cleaning tankers at terminals.

Fleet Cleaner’s unique hull cleaning robot uses high pressure waterjets to remove biofouling from the ship’s hull during loading and unloading in port, captures the removed fouling and pumps it to a containerized wastewater treatment system on board the support vessel. The full operation is conducted without divers, and the robot is controlled from the support vessel. The company also offers complete hull inspections in the ARAG region, UWILDS and propeller polishing if required.

Fleet Cleaner offers its services 24/7 in the entire ARAG region.

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Image: ATEX Cleaning by Fleet Cleaner

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