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oil spill

The BP Oil Spill

As we all know, the BP oil spill in 2010 was good for absolutely nobody. This slick substance now sits on the surface of the scene of the crime.

2 Comments / 17th August 2020

Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification And Climate Change

we are all in agreement that climate change does indeed see wildlife and their survivalist eco systems suffer, many forget about the shocking implications global warming has on our world’s rivers, streams, wetlands, and oceans.

No Comments / 12th August 2020

Coral Reefs

Saving Coral Reefs: What’s Working for Scientists?

We see them mostly in photographs captured by divers who showcase their beauty underwater. But coral reefs are more than just decorations on the sea and ocean beds.

No Comments / 29th June 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic Hurting Our Oceans

The Coronavirus Pandemic is Also Hurting Our Oceans through Pollution

While we are all glued to the situation in hospitals where people are dying every day because of COVID-19, there’s also an unseen devastation that’s happening in our oceans

No Comments / 21st June 2020

Threats to Our Oceans

What Are the Biggest Threats to Our Oceans?

The earth as we know it has more water than land. In fact, the ocean covers more than 70% of the planet’s surface that it’s easy to assume that it has unlimited resources.

No Comments / 15th June 2020

endangered marine mammals

While the World Is On a Standstill, Marine Life Has a Chance to Recover

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, almost everything has been temporarily closed down to protect the people from contracting the virus. For the first time since the war, commercial fishing has also been disrupted with ships and boats tied…

No Comments / 30th May 2020

coronavirus affect marine mammals

Can Coronavirus Infect Marine Mammals?

Coronaviruses (CoVs) can actually be found in different kinds of animals and they can cause neurological, respiratory and hepatic diseases among them.

No Comments / 30th May 2020

global maritime forum

Global Maritime Forum Postponed Until 2021

In place of an in-person Summit this year, the Global Maritime Forum will organize an interactive Virtual High-Level Meeting this October to bring together its community of decision-makers from around the world.

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coronavirus detection

How the Ocean Could be Our Biggest Ally against COVID-19

As scientists and medical experts rally to find a cure or vaccine against this deadly virus, they are now looking to the bottom of the ocean for possible answers.

No Comments / 26th May 2020

Ports Keeping Britain Supplied

COVID-19: How Are Ports Keeping Britain Supplied?

In the midst of this pandemic, one of the biggest challenges for any government is to keep the supply chains moving without increasing the risk for spreading the virus.

No Comments / 28th April 2020

Marine Life Thrives

Marine Life Thrives Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

After having people encroach on their natural habitat for decades, animals above land and below water are having a new lease on life.

No Comments / 22nd April 2020

Merchant Mariners

How Covid-19 is Affecting Merchant Mariners

Like other industries, the global health crisis has adversely affected shipping and maritime industries. Trade fell as millions of workers and consumers are in lockdown.

No Comments / 17th April 2020

Marine life during pandemic

Coronavirus: The Sea and Its Marine Life Are Finally Getting a Rest Because of the Pandemic

Although the invention of ships and other marine vessels has been greatly beneficial to humans, the noise they bring to the oceans has been detrimental to marine life.

No Comments / 23rd March 2020

pink jellyfish

Coronavirus: Deserted Beach in the Philippines Is Now Teeming With Pink Jellyfish

Now that there are no people around their natural habitat, this population of pink jellyfish no longer feels threatened, making them rise to the surface.

No Comments / 18th March 2020

Heat Records

Heat Records Set in the Antarctic Peninsula: How Long Will It Stand?

The Esperanza Base on the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula recorded an 18.3-Celsius temperature on February 6, 2020, the hottest temperature yet for Antarctica and almost the same temperature as Los Angeles in California that day.

No Comments / 11th March 2020

Digital Ship Vessel Performance

Digital Ship Vessel Performance Cyprus 17 March 2020

Natasa Pilides, Deputy Minister of Shipping for the Republic of Cyprus will be giving a keynote talk about the role Cyprus has to play in the industry and what can be expected in the future.

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