New Member Added to the Siship BlueDrive Family: Siship BlueDrive Eco

Siship BlueDrive: Scalable electric drive for reduced emissions

  • Scalable uniform-topology power supply and drive solutions
  • Customized configuration based on practically tested, standardized components such as Sinamics
  • High level of resilience, availability and service friendliness
  • Up to zero emissions depending on drive configuration

Siemens is expanding its portfolio of green ship propulsion systems by adding a new member to the Siship BlueDrive Family: Siship BlueDrive Eco. Besides by integrating battery systems produced in-house, the company is now able to offer a scalable and flexible solution to cover every propulsion requirement, with different power graduations for small to medium-sized propulsion systems from 5 kilowatts (kW) in auxiliary mode up to 5.5 megawatts (MW) for the main drive – from Siship BlueDrive Eco through to Siship BlueDrive PlusC. The solutions can be configured to individual customer specifications and are based on practically tested standardized components such as Sinamics converters. With its Siship BlueDrive, Siemens provides an efficient, environmentally friendly propulsion solution providing a high level of reliability, availability and service friendliness, with emissions down as low as zero depending on the drive configuration.

The Siship BlueDrive topology is based on DC technology and offers a wide range of benefits such as continuously reliable operation, a leaner design due to fewer components, an extended life cycle and fuel savings.
The regulations and requirements surrounding green propulsion systems for use on inland and coastal waterway transportation are growing ever more stringent, forcing the shipbuilding industry to rethink its approach. While new drive solutions are required to produce only minimal emissions, they also have to be economical for the operating companies. With its Siship BlueDrive, Siemens provides an integrated solution to address the whole range of drive requirements from 5 kW to 5.5 MW, produced in compliance with the technical regulations governing the maritime industry and certified by the major marine classification societies such as DNV GL. The solutions offered by the Siship BlueDrive Family are designed to be used in ship types which can be diesel-electric, hybrid or fully electrically powered such as ferries, yachts, cruise liners and work boats or research vessels.

Tested and proven in practice
Siemens has already equipped countless ships with power supply and drive solutions based on DC technology such as the Siship BlueDrive Family. Successfully completed projects include the passenger ship MS Diamant in Switzerland, the HADAG harbor ferry in Hamburg, and the Ampere, the world’s first fully electric ferry in Norway.
Siemens will be exhibiting its integrated uniform-topology solutions for the (partial) electrification of ships at this year’s SMM, the international lead fair serving the maritime industry. As well as presenting the new functional features of Siship BlueDrive, the company will also be unveiling its own internally produced battery system at the show.

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