SeaZip and Deep to Jointly Operate a sophisticated ‘DP1 Ice Class Survery and ROV’ Vessel

From mid-April 2018, Harlingen-based SeaZip Offshore Service and Amsterdam-based Deep Hydrography & Geophysics will jointly operate a DP1 Ice Class Survey and ROV vessel. This means that hydrographic and maritime expert knowledge will be combined in a robust vessel of more than 42 metres long which can be used for any survey operations on the open sea. The vessel, the SeaZip Fix, manned with maritime professionals and can be supplemented with experienced surveyors. She has a high level of equipment for surface and underwater positioning. Specific survey equipment can be added to her standard equipment, such as multibeam echo-sounder, a side-scan sonar, a UXO gradiometer array and a sub-bottom profiler.

Now that the locations for building wind turbine parks tend to be at ever greater distances from the coast, both contractors and survey companies need larger survey vessels. Effective from 15 April, SeaZip and Deep will meet this need. Mr Jan Reier Arends, SeaZip’s Managing Director/Owner, said: “The SeaZip Fix has the qualities which are required to conduct all kinds of surveys on the open sea 24/7. We take care of the ship management, while the Deep experts guarantee that the SeaZip Fix is rapidly customized to the needs of the specific survey operations.”

Geared for 24/7 operations

The DP1 Ice Class Survey and ROV vessel SeaZip Fix was built in Norway in 1981 and fully refitted in Denmark in 2015. The vessel is 42.24 metres long and 10 metres wide and has a draught of 5-metre. She boasts 9 single and 6 double berths. In 2015, all electronics and control systems were replaced and all class requirements were met before the transfer. The SeaZip Fix provides the stability required for safe operational processes at sea – even in challenging circumstances. Due to the large number of berths, the vessel can be deployed for 24/7 operations.

High level of survey equipment

Mr Jurgen Beerens, Deep’s Commercial Director, said: “We have been looking for a larger survey vessel for quite some time and are aware of the differences in demand with respect to ship management. We are seizing the opportunity to jump onto the bandwagon with SeaZip, because it provides us with an unparalleled proposition: a fully-fledged sea-going vessel with a high-grade level of equipment for conducting hydrographic, geophysical and geotechnical surveys. With a boost: the option to hire our experienced hydrographic surveyors and state-of-the-art equipment so as to add to the clients’ own skills and expertise. Our aim is to minimize mobilisation and demobilisation periods for the hiring party.”

For both contractors and survey companies

Messrs Arends and Beerens emphasize that they not only focus on providing full services to contractors who want to benefit from their joint know-how. Colleague survey companies operating at sea can also hire the vessel with her crew and high-grade survey equipment.


For a long time, SeaZip and Deep have worked together on a project basis. Their joint purchase and operation of the DP1 Ice Class Survey and ROV vessel is adding another dimension, generating synergy for the market between two unique kinds of expertise. It is the first and critical step to continually expanding offshore service provision as partners.

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