Climate Change

Supporting Your Local Economy to Fight Climate Change

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges that we face today. Global issues such as deforestation, extreme weather events, rising sea levels, etc. are all results of climate change and global warming. As an individual, you can help fight climate change by implementing certain sustainable actions within your community. The following simple actions can result in big changes:

Get Informed

Knowledge is power – learn the science behind climate change and the responsibility that the various sectors hold in addressing the problem. Add your voice to the problems that shape the climate debate and evidence-based emerging data related to changes in the climate.

Travel Smarter

Transportation is now the largest source of carbon emissions in the country. No matter where you live, travel by airplane, car, etc. contributes heavily to our shared carbon footprint. So, it is recommended that you take public transit, walking, or biking when possible. Not only is it good for your health and wallet, but it is also good for the planet.

Shop Smarter

Buy thoughtfully to minimize waste and consider pre-loved and reused items to participate in the circular economy and prevent goods from filling our already overflowing landfills. More importantly, shop local. It’s straightforward, simple, and an easy addition to your routine that supports local businesses, reduces carbon emissions and transportation costs, and provides community jobs.

Make Sustainable Investments

Make sure that your savings for the future are being used to make the future better, not worse. Choose a bank that invests in the type of things you agree with. There are many sustainable alternatives and green bank options available – banks that are transparent about what happens with your money and even give you the ability to decide where your money should go, e.g. reforestation projects, renewable energies, etc. Sustainable investments consider ecological, ethical, and social aspects as well as financial aspects – and that pays off, both for you and in your efforts to fight climate change.

Support Local River Clean-Up

River clean-up helps solve the problems that tons of trash cause each year. Trash is more than just an eyesore, it also contaminates the drinking water and threatens the lives of wildlife, people, and communities that rely on clean water. Cities across the country are working to make the rivers more enjoyable and cleaner. You can support local river clean-up to help keep the waters in your community clean and healthy for both people and wildlife.

Support Carbon Tax

A carbon tax is a fee imposed on the burning of gas, oil, coal, and other carbon-based fuels. It’s a way for carbon fuel users to pay for the climate damage that is caused by releasing CO2 into the environment, and an incentive that motivates companies to switch to energy efficiency and non-carbon fuels.


As an individual, you can make a difference, but together with likeminded people, you can make a movement. Consider the communities in your area that you are part of, whether it’s your organization or company, your school, your neighborhood, etc. Collective action can have a great impact for change.


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