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Zero Emission: Eco cranes for Brazil

From  ihsmaritime360.com

Zero Emission cranes: Super Terminals in Manaus, Brazil, is buying four cutting-edge eco cranes, worth $8M, from Kalmar of Finland. The E-One2 zero emission rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) include an all-electric drive that produces no emissions or engine noise and completely replaces conventional hydraulic systems.

In this case Kalmar, part of the Cargotec Group, is also supplying a standard diesel generator set to allow dual-mode operation. Kalmar’s SmartRail and SmartStack systems are part of the deal, along with a spare parts package and a spare spreader.

“SmartRail is an automated RTG gantry steering system that improves safety and operator performance,” a Kalmar spokesman stated. “Automated steering allows the operator to concentrate fully on driving the trolley and picking and placing containers. “SmartStack is a process automation solution that eliminates the problem of lost containers and human error, and improves safety at the terminal,” he added.

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Ethan Hernandez
Ethan Hernandez
54 years ago

Brazil has enough problem as it is and it needs a well thought plan to deal with their pollution. In 2000, only 35% of the collected wastewater was treated, which is very frightening. Oil spills are something they also experienced and it has affected their water resources even more. Super Terminais has great infrastructure, but it doesn’t necessarily use the “greenest” systems.

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