Ballast Water: Opportunities for Smaller Vessels

The proven capabilities of Alfa Laval PureBallast – which include operation in fresh, brackish or marine water and in low-clarity water with just 42% UV transmittance – are now available to significantly smaller vessels. Alfa Laval’s ballast water treatment technology, which was submitted for USCG approval in March 2015, can now be used in systems for flows of 87 m3/h.

A variety of vessel types, including offshore supply vessels, will benefit from the extended PureBallast flow range. The lower capacities are enabled by a new reactor, optimized for system sizes from 170 m3/h down to 87 m3/h. This is a major expansion of the PureBallast family, where a 250 m3/h system was previously the smallest available.

“Lower flow rates will make PureBallast accessible to smaller vessels, whose quality and performance needs mirror the needs of larger vessels,” says Stephen Westerling Greer, Global Business Manager for PureBallast. “In some cases, as in the offshore industry, small vessel needs can be all the more extreme.”

No compromises in design or operation

Westerling-Greer points out that no shortcuts have been taken in the design process. “Smaller PureBallast systems will be a full match for their larger counterparts,” he says. “The reactors are built with SMO steel for a long and corrosion-free life, and the power management is equally effective. Performance-enhancing Cleaning In Place is there as well, in a new compact design to meet customers’ need for space savings.”

Nor will smaller vessels need to compromise their business opportunities. Certified for use in fresh, brackish and marine water, PureBallast can also treat liquid water with frigid temperatures or extremely poor quality. In low-clarity water with a UV transmittance of just 42%, PureBallast can still perform at full flow – a feat unmatched by any other system.

“With PureBallast, vessels both large and small can enter more ports than with any other ballast water treatment system,” Westerling Greer says. “Because PureBallast addresses the broadest spectrum of water types and qualities, ship owners and operators will be able to optimize their risk management. They can be confident of compliance with the local port requirements while ballasting and deballasting efficiently.”

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