Faroe Islands Capability to Successfully Develop & Build High-specification Vessels Showcased by Bureau Veritas Classed Vessel

Bureau Veritas (BV), a world leader in testing, inspection, and certification, has awarded classification to the research vessel Jákup Sverri. Built in the Faroese MEST Shipyard, the vessel’s primary task will be to survey in and around the Faroe Islands.

Measuring 54 metres in length, Jákup Sverri, which will conduct work for the Faroe Marine Research Institute, is packed with the latest specialized and highly automated equipment for oceanographic and fishing research activities, including pelagic and bottom trawling, underwater acoustic research, hydrographic, seismic, ROV operations, and plankton and bottom sampling. To support its wide-ranging operational profile the vessel – which features four scientific laboratories – has also been equipped with a dynamic positioning (DP) system and is outfitted for operation in ice and cold climates.

Bureau Veritas was involved with the project from its early design stages, with the vessel’s characteristic RV5414 design developed in-house by MEST Shipyard. Close cooperation with MEST Shipyard enabled BV specialists to provide technical and regulatory expertise helping ensure compliance with the applicable class rules and statutory regulations. The design review process has been coordinated by the Nordic plan approval office in Copenhagen, which is fully qualified for newbuilding projects. Local surveyor presence on the Faroe Islands enabled BV to support the shipyard throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, without any denial or postponement of survey requests.

Gijsbert de Jong, recently appointed Marine Chief Executive for Bureau Veritas’ Nordic region, explained: “A real stand-out feature is that the vessel is among the quietest ships ever built to facilitate marine research activities as confirmed by underwater noise measurements. This is primarily achieved by diesel-electric propulsion with elastically mounted diesel generators and an electrically driven five blade ultra-silent propeller. During sea trials, the ship has proven to have excellent seakeeping characteristics to the satisfaction of the owner and crew.”

Key BV class notations applicable to the Jákup Sverri:

  • URN-specified vessel covering underwater radiated noise requirements specific to the vessel’s operations;
  • DYNAPOS SAM covering DP requirements for semi-automatic operation;
  • POLAR CAT C for meeting IMO Polar Code requirements for ship category C

Herman Spilker, VP North Europe for Bureau Veritas, added: “We wish Jákup Sverri and its crew smooth and silent sailing and are excited to work with the Faroe Marine Research Institute. We are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with MEST Shipyard and are committed to support marine research institutes in the region, building on the return of experience from our successful projects.”

“MEST appreciate the exemplary cooperation we had with Bureau Veritas. BV delivered what MEST Shipyard needed from day one”, CEO Mouritz Mohr, MEST Shipyard said.

Bureau Veritas is a trusted partner to achieve the safety and environmental compliance of a wide range of ship types. Our experience, leading research programs, and participation in industry and regulatory bodies ensure we understand the challenges faced by owners as well as yards. Our dedicated rules and tools continually evolve, supporting our clients’ work to improve the performance of their vessels.

To find out more:

  • Visit Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore website.
  • Take a video tour of Jákup Sverri – one of the quietest vessels in the world.

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