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Maritime Week Americas 2024: 21-23 May

Maritime Week Americas May 2024 to focus on marine fuels markets in Panama and across the Americas and Caribbean.

The draught and transit restrictions suffered by the Panama Canal this year, caused by a chronic lack of rainfall to replenish the Canal and its locks, have once again focussed attention on shipping’s reliance on this crucially important waterway. MWA24 will examine the latest developments at the Canal and their long-term, wider impact on shipping and bunker markets further afield.

MWA24 will also take a very close look at alternative marine fuels in terms of supply and demand, With the first LNG bunkering permit having been awarded by the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), it is only a matter of time before ship-to-ship LNG bunkering begins in earnest at the Pacific end of the Canal, to add to the number of bunkering hubs throughout the Americas where LNG is becoming a truly viable alternative.

Biofuels are now starting to follow LNG’s example as a ‘new’ fuel whose time has come. These and other alternatives will be examined in depth, both during the MWA Conference and in the one-day Alternative Fuels Course that precedes it.

MWA24 will also feature some amazing networking everts, including a visit to the***Panama Canal* and – back by popular demand – an onboard tour of a *Monjasa bunker tanker*.

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