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ONEX SHIPYARDS joins Green Award to provide incentives

Bringing over 160 years of experience in shipbuilding and maintenance – ONEX Shipyards joins Green Award to provide incentives to frontrunner shipping companies

Rotterdam, May 30, 2024 – Green Award Foundation proudly announces that ONEX Shipyards has joined us to provide incentives to our certified shipping companies who are at the forefront in demonstrating exemplary responsibility in ensuring the safety of their vessels, environmental stewardship in their navigation, and decent work policies that promote the welfare of their staff and crew.

ONEX SHIPYARDS comprise the largest group of shipyards in Greece and one of the larger groups in the Mediterranean. The ONEX Shipyards on the island of SYROS (established in 1861) and in ELEFSIS, Attica (established in 1962) have been providing customers with detailed integrated solutions covering ship design, construction, and comprehensive support & maintenance services. In recent years, they have expanded their shipyards’ activities into new markets such as LPG/LNG conversions, scrubbers/carbon capture installations, smart/green retrofits, oil rigs, offshore wind platforms/farms, and other major offshore constructions.

Why we are excited about this new partnership

“We are proud and happy to welcome ONEX Shipyards to the Green Award scheme to ensure quality ship constructions and repairs. The sustainable future of our planet is not a matter of individual actions but depends on collective activity,” said Capt Dimitris Mattheou, chairman of the Board of Green Award Foundation.

With ONEX joining the Green Award family, we are shifting gears, and I am confident that, together, we will make an even bigger difference, sharing our knowledge, communicating our positive ideas, using our extensive experience and our added values, to benefit our world,” Capt Dimitris added.

“As a foundation driven by the profit made for the well-being of humanity and our environment, we are always excited when new incentive partners join us to fulfil this vision. Our approach is not to punish offenders, but rather, incentivize responsible shipping companies to encourage to stay on the positive path,” said Jan Fransen, the Executive Director of Green Award Foundation.

“ONEX SHIPYARDS is an industry leader when it comes to using cutting-edge technology to build and maintain ships that are safe and eco-friendly. With this new partnership as one of our incentive providers, we are confident that our certificate holder will be in good hands in our effort to achieve net-zero emissions before 2050,” Jan added.

What does this mean for our community of certified shipping companies and ports?

“It’s indeed a pleasure to join the Green Award certification program as an incentive provider and be part of its broader vision of motivating shipping companies to go above and beyond the required standards in contributing to safe and sustainable waterborne transportation,” said Panos Xenokostas, President and CEO of ONEX Shipyards & Technologies Group.

“Besides the nearly two centuries of experience we have in building and maintaining the largest shipyard in Greece, we are investing heavily in green technologies to help shipping companies make a just energy transition by cutting down their emissions to meet the net-zero target before 2050.

As an incentive provider, we believe in motivating shipping companies and working closely with them to provide the innovative technical support needed on the journey to transitioning to environmentally friendly energy sources. Whether it be consultation, design, construction, or maintenance, we provide tailored support to make it possible,” Mr Xenokostas added.

Going above and beyond in ensuring safety of people, vessel, goods, and cutting down on emission and pollution to the marine creatures and the environment comes at a cost for responsible shipping companies, but a worthy cost and so, we are always delighted when new incentive providers in the industry join us on this journey.

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