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The BP Oil Spill

As we all know, the BP oil spill in 2010 was good for absolutely nobody. This slick substance now sits on the surface of the scene of the crime.

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International Oil Spill

International Oil Spill Conference 2020

All stakeholders gather to exchange research and lessons learned from previous oil spill responses to help move towards a common objective.

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oil spill

International Oil Spill Response in a Changing World

Despite being a naturally occurring substance, oil spills can pose significant threats to environmental and socioeconomic resources.

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oil spill

A Different Kind of Oil Spill

The Gulf oil spill is not your average environmental worry. What makes this catastrophe unique is that it occurred at 5,000 feet under the water.

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oil spill

What are DESMI-AFTI Oil Herders?

DESMI-AFTI oil herders are liquid agents designed to contract, thicken, and control the spread of petroleum spills on water surfaces.

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Interspill Conference & Exhibition 2018 in London

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Interspill 2018 Returns to London on 13-15 March

Interspill is the leading European oil spill exhibition and conference. They raise the potential issues that can happen in the event of future oil spills. Topics such as response and restoration, preparedness, and spill prevention.

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Wind-Driven Surface Currents – The Death Knell for Conventional Oil Booms

Wind-Driven Surface Currents – The Death Knell for Conventional Oil Booms

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The Galapagos Oil Spill

The Galapagos Oil Spill covered 186 square miles of sea. It has caused a significant problem in the ecosystem of the nearby islands that it spilled on.

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Interspill Conference and Exhibition 2015

Interspill 2015 will focus on potential issues to be raised from any future oil spills, with a platform for industry, academia and government to meet.

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oil spill

BP Appeal Regarding The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Rejected By The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court rejected BP’s attempt at appealing its own settlement with businesses and individuals that lost money due to the massive 2010 oil spill.

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oiled wildlife

Oiled Wildlife Response: Towards a Professional and Effective Approach

Oil tanker, carrying 200,000 tons of crude oil collided with a Maltese freightship, causing oiled wildlife crisis.

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gulf of mexico

Grand Plan for the Gulf of Mexico’s Revival

A large scale revival plan for the U.S. segment of the Gulf of Mexico coastline has been put together by an alliance of conservation groups.

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Oil Spill On Beach

Local Opponents Depict Oil Slick Engulfing Vancouver Beach

A campaign launched by ReThink Marketing seeks to demonstrate the aftermath of an oil slick.

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oil spill

Oil Spill: BP Oil is Coating the Bottom of the Gulf of Mexico

An estimated 80,000 to 620,000 barrels of oil still coating the bottom of the Gulf after the massive oil spill 4 years ago.

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Oil Spill

[Oil Spill] Penguins Rescued in Need of Knitted Sweaters

Penguins rescued from oil spills need sweaters to wear as a source of warmth and a method of stopping them from trying to clean off the toxic oil.

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