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French General Says Somali Piracy Is Over

Commander of the French forces in the southern zone of the Indian Sea says that piracy in the seas around Somalia is safe for commercial shipping.

2 Comments / 31st July 2014

Interview Questions And Answers With Leo Kissel – Managing Director

With various risks being faced by a ship owner, there has always been a provision to acquire tailor-made insurance covers, just as there should also be a provision to buy tailor-made K&R cover. The natural question which arises for any…

No Comments / 28th June 2014

Calculating The Cost Of Piracy

In an increasingly commoditised marketplace, shipowners and operators – challenged with low day rates, overcapacity, and working to comply with current and impending environmental regulation – face another question over how to differentiate themselves from the crowd; how they combat…

No Comments / 18th June 2014

Creating More Time To Avoid Disaster

If a ship loses power while at sea it will be a lottery as to whether it can be prevented from running aground. Such an event is disastrous to any ship but if it happens to a tanker the consequences…

No Comments / 17th June 2014