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French General Says Somali Piracy Is Over

From IHS Maritime 360

According to general Jean François Hogard, commander of the French forces in the southern zone of the Indian Sea (FAZSOI), piracy in the seas around Somalia no more poses a risk to commercial shipping.

However, the general, who has just completed his three-year term as head of Réunion-based FAZSOI, warned President James Michel of Seychelles that the causes of piracy have not yet been eradicated.

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Somali Piracy French General "Somali Pirac...

[…] Somali Piracy, General Jean François Hogard, commander of French forces in the southern Indian Sea, "piracy not a threat to commercial shipping –  […]

54 years ago

As much as I want to believe this, I think Somali piracy is far from being a thing of the past, mostly because they made a fortune doing so. Except those who do it for the kicks or financial reasons, there are those who do it out of desperation – I’m not saying they’re right, but there’s always two sides to each story.

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