Alfa Laval Environmental Products Selected for the New Petrofac JSD6000

Oil and gas industry service provider Petrofac has selected a range of Alfa Laval environmental products for the new Petrofac JSD6000.

10 Worst Oil Spills in World History

Oil spills are one of the main factors that cause long term adverse effect on marine life. The spills take months to clean up and can result in death of thousands of marine animals and birds. It has been found...

Nor-Shipping 2015: Alfa Laval Addresses Marine Industry Topics

To help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Nor-Shipping, Alfa Laval will present its “Count on Alfa Laval” program.

World’s First Fleet of Ultra-large, LNG-ready Container Ships

The United Arabic Shipping Company has ordered a total of six new ultra-large and LNG-ready container ships, each with a capacity of 18,800 TEU. The ships will be built with technological support provided by Hamburg-based TECHNOLOG GmbH.

Suspected Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Death of a Seafarer

Carbon monoxide poisoning is thought to have been the cause of the death of a seafarer and the loss of consciousness of three other people.

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8 Most Amazing Facts About Sharks

Sharks are one of the most fascinating species on earth. Here are the most amazing facts about them.

- 8th June 2015

The Great White Shark & Frightening Opportunism

A fishing charter that works just off of the coast of New Zealand got a life-changing experience as they found themselves...

- 9th April 2015

Could Megalodon Still Exist?

As one of the largest vertebrate predators the planet has ever witnessed, the Megalodon is one of the most popular creatures...

- 7th January 2015

500 More Dead Sea Animals

Another mysterious wave of dead sea animals has washed ashore in Peru, the possible consequence of radiation releases from the nuclear...

- 11th December 2014

Ocean Tankers to strengthen its Anti-Piracy Measures

Ocean Tankers told IHS Maritime it plans to strengthen its anti-piracy measures in the wake of the second hijacking its fleet...

- 15th May 2015

Shipping Losses ‘Lowest in 10 Years’

The number of shipping losses dropped to a 10-year low last year, according to the third safety and shipping review.

- 5th April 2015

Flaws in Port State Control Regime Revealed By ‘Ghost ships’

Smuggling of migrants to Europe on two merchant ships has raised questions over the effectiveness of port state control and maritime...

- 10th January 2015

New Chemical Tanker Safety Guide Published by ICS

A fully updated edition of the definitive industry guidance on chemical tanker safety has just been published by the International Chamber...

- 13th December 2014

Panel Proposes New Jobs to Root Out Piracy

Piracy is the by-product of unemployment and disregard faced by entire generations of young men and women in Somalia, according to...

- 25th November 2014

Anti Piracy: Maritime Security Company Takes Action on New Threats

An international maritime security company is stepping up its services to combat piracy and maritime crime.

- 20th November 2014

Somalian Pirates Release Indian Asphalt Venture seafarers

Seven Indian seafarers held hostage by Somalian pirates for more than four years have been released.

- 5th November 2014

Anti-Piracy: Shipping cuts piracy roots with learning centre Girija Shettar

A anti-piracy initiative has taken shape in Djibouti. Companies in the shipping sector to eliminate the foundations of piracy in the...

- 4th November 2014