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Battling Air Pollution: Air Quality Monitoring For Faroe Islands

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Battling Air pollution: the Environment Agency of the Faroe Islands together with the municipality of Tórshavn has installed two ambient air quality monitoring stations as part of its commitment to monitor the environment and provide air quality data to the public and other interested parties. The stations, which were supplied by Air Monitors Ltd, provide continuous meteorological measurements and air quality data for NO2, NOx and a range of different particulate factions.

Rakul Mortensen, an Environmental Chemist for the Agency, is responsible for air quality monitoring. She says: “Air quality measurements have been made in the past, but only on a short-term basis by researchers and consultants, so we are absolutely delighted to be able to conduct our own continuous monitoring, so that we can establish a database of background air quality data.

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Battling Air Pollution: Air Quality Monitoring ...

[…] Two air quality monitoring stations are installed on Faroe islands to monitor the environment and provide air pollution data to the public.  […]

Georgina Bianca
Georgina Bianca
54 years ago

It’s great they decided to monitor their air quality 24/7. However, whenever I think of them, those dreadful images with the massacred pilot whales come to mind and I simply can’t bare it. I know it’s a tradition, I know it’s part of their culture, but this should be forbidden and ended once and for all!

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