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The next milestone for the Becker LNG PowerPac® in the Port of Hamburg

The next important milestone in the development of the Becker LNG PowerPac® is the first operation of two
prototypes units of the mobile shore power solution from Becker Marine Systems at HHLA’s container terminal
Burchardkai in Hamburg.

In attendance of invited guests of national and international container, ro/ro and ferry ports and shipping
companies as well as representatives of Hamburg authorities, a twenty-four-hour test run of both prototypes
will start on 20th June. Combined, the two units generate three megawatts of clean energy as shore power
supply for ships in port. The results of this 24h test and the following tests will be incorporated into the serial
design of the Becker LNG PowerPac®.
During the production process of the Becker LNG PowerPac®, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital
Infrastructure (BMVI) has been an important project partner right from the start. As of 5th June, they have
released funds for mobile, containerised solutions for shore power.

Company profile:
Becker Marine Systems is the market leader for high-performance rudders and energy-saving manoeuvring
technology solutions for any type of ship. Becker’s products are well-established on the world market and
represent the top choice for both super tankers as well as container ships, passenger ferries, large cruise ships
and luxury yachts. Additionally, Becker offers a wide range of alternative energy systems for the marine industry.
Hybrid Port Energy was founded by Becker Marine Systems with the objective of supplying environmentallyfriendly
maritime energy and is responsible for the development and sales activities of the Becker LNG PowerPac®.
(, (

Becker Marine Systems GmbH
Blohmstr. 23
21079 Hamburg, Germany
Tel.: +49-40-24199-0
Fax: +49-40-2801899

(Available photos and images – © Becker Marine Systems):
Picture 1: Becker LNG PowerPac®, cutout
Picture 2: Becker LNG PowerPac® at HHLA’s container terminal Burchhardkai (CTB) in Hamburg

(Press contact):
envise advertising agency, Mr. Ralph Lehmann
Tel. +49-40-3009288-0,,
(PDF file in the Becker Press Room):

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