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MJP Makes Breakthrough in Gulf of Mexico

Successful sea trials of Rodi Marine’s newest crewboat the M/V Riley Claire have given Marine Jet Power a breakthrough in the fiercely competitive Gulf of Mexico crewboat market. The trial results show that all performance predictions were reached and the product is ideal for this application.

Four MJP 650 CSU waterjets power the new 175’ (53.34m) DP2 Certified Crewboat built for Rodi Marine in Layfaette, LA by Swiftships LLC in Morgan City, LA. During sea trials in June, the M/V Riley Claire reached a top speed of 30.3 knots in lightship condition and 24.0 knots fully laden. The vessel’s MJP waterjets are powered by four Cummins QSK 50 engines each producing 1800HP at 1900RPM and connected through Twin Disc MGX 6848 gearboxes at a 2.03:1 Ratio.

M/V Riley Claire, a USCG Subchapter T and ABS-classed all aluminum fast crew boat is 175’ in length, has a beam of 25’ and a molded depth of 13’6”.  While working in the Gulf of Mexico and servicing the Offshore Oil Market she carries a total of 34,500 gallons of diesel and 20,500 gallons of water for operating and an additional 6,700 gallons of diesel and 1,230 gallons of freshwater for the rigs.  She is certified to carry 70 passengers and 10 crewmembers.

Riley Claire and her sister which will shortly be delivered to Rodi Marine will be the largest and fastest vessels in the seven vessel fleet and represent an important achievement for MJP as the first Dynamic Positioning 2 (DP2) rated vessels.  They are the first vessels with MJP waterjets operating in the Gulf of Mexico. “We are starting to enter the Gulf market. We’ve wanted to be there for a long time,” said Jordan Tilton of Marine Jet Power Inc.. The two vessels also marked a return to the commercial sector for Swiftships being the first vessels built after a five year period concentrating on military production.


Notes for Authors

Rodi Marine

Rodi Marine is a crewboat company serving the offshore oil rig Market. Rodi Marine was started in 2006 and owns and operates 7 fast supply vessels that are able to provide support to oil and gas companies in the Gulf of Mexico


Swiftships based in Morgan City, LA specialises in the construction of small to medium-sized water-craft built of steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. The builder is a major provider of maritime support for the inland, coastal and deep water Oil and Gas missions and a leading manufacturer and supplier of military vessels to the U.S. Government.


About MJP

Marine Jet Power has its head office in Sweden with production sites in Sweden and in UK. Waterjet range produced is covering and the products are offered both in stainless steel and aluminium with two different pump technologies. Marine Jet Power operates globally and has got chain of regional offices plus network of agents.


For more information, please contact:

Hans Andersson Jim Campbell
Executive Vice President Regional Director, Americas
Marine Jet Power Holding AB Marine Jet Power, Inc.
S-74801 Österbybruk 6740 Commerce Court Drive
Sweden Columbus, OH 43004
Direct +46 295 244 201 Direct (614) 759-9000
Mob   +46 70 214 0295 Mob   (614) 214-6727
Fax     +46 295 244 260 Fax    (614) 759-9046


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William Silva
William Silva
9 years ago

Marine Jet Power wanted to penetrate the Gulf of Mexico market for a long time and this has huge future possibilities for them. I’m curious if they’ll decide to change something in the production scheme after testing M/V Riley Claire. Interesting partnership between Swiftships and MJP, this could work very well for both sides.

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