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great barrier reef

The Great Barrier Reef is in Peril

Marine experts say that due to the damage caused by humans, the great barrier reef has lost about half of its coral over the course of the past 30 years.

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The Fast-Warming Arctic & Its Inherent Dangers

Arctic Temperatures are on the rise across the world, according to various researchers invested in the experiment.

2 Comments / 14th January 2015

climate change

Climate Change Threat Shown by Giant PH Storms

Greenpeace global chief Kumi Naidoo said increasingly violent storms hitting the Philippines showed the world had to act on climate change.

No Comments / 10th December 2014

Climate change

Climate Change: Drastic Action needed to Avoid Catastrophe

The world’s top scientists have established and agreed that the warming is “unequivocal”, the impacts of climate change have already been felt.

No Comments / 3rd November 2014

climate march

Massive Climate March Walrus Style

What is believed by scientists to be the biggest amassing of Pacific walruses on record is being attributed to climate change. Point Lay, an island in northwest Alaska, was the venue for the gathering of more than 35,000 of these portly…

No Comments / 5th October 2014

Cimate change

Blame Climate Change for Heatwaves That Struck in 2013

Climate change is guilty. Without human greenhouse gas emissions, the heatwaves that occurred across the world in 2013 would have been very unlikely.

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Climate Change

Pacific Islanders Threatened By Climate Change Face A Legal Black Hole

Indigenous communities make up five percent of the world’s population, and are often directly and drastically affected by climate change, even when they aren’t forced to relocate. And those like Ursula Rakova whose land is disappearing from beneath their feet have to negotiate a transition without any legal framework to guide them.

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UN Climate Summit

People’s Climate March – Science Shows Up in Force

People’s Climate March is intended to remind world leaders gathering in New York City for a United Nations climate summit that people around the world demand action to halt global warming.

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Largest Offshore Wind Turbine Now In Fife

Samsung Heavy Industries prototype offshore turbine is the world’s largest and most powerful offshore wind turbine due to become operational later this year, and it is now standing at Energy Park Fife. The structure is situated 50 metres offshore in…

No Comments / 16th June 2014